Asian Eyelid Surgery Treatment
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Asian Eyelid Surgery Treatment
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Asian Eyelid Surgery Treatment

Asian Eyelid Surgery is one of Asia’s most popular cosmetic surgeries. However, its popularity has spread to non-Asian countries such as Australia. As a result, many clinics in Melbourne are starting to offer this treatment as part of their surgical procedures. AES is performed on the eyelids to create a lower eyelid crease or to reshape the eyelids.

What is Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure targeting the upper eyelid. This surgery lowered the upper eyelid or lifted it, creating a more youthful appearance. Asian eyelids are generally thicker than those of Caucasians.

Asian eyelid surgery (also known as eyelid surgery) is a facial aesthetic procedure performed at the higher end of the cosmetic surgery industry to alter the appearance of the eyes. This is usually done with other procedures, such as facial rejuvenation, nose reshaping, facial botox, and tummy tuck. 

Other Names for Asian Eyelid Surgery

You might not have heard of this treatment as there are several names that it goes by, which can cause some confusion. Aside from being called Asian eyelid surgery, it is also known as double eyelid surgery Melbourne, upper eyelid surgery, eyelid lift, upper eyelid fold, and Asian blepharoplasty. However, these treatments work the same way and can be used interchangeably.

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All you need to know

All you need to know about
Asian Eyelid Surgery Treatment by SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors

The purpose of eyelid surgery Asian blepharoplasty is that it should create a crease in your eyelid in order to form a larger and more symmetric eye. This will come in the shape of an almond and also lead to a taller upper eyelash. Both of these are customizable based on your preferences.

This is because many Asian people, particularly those in China, Korea, and Japan have a smaller eyelids while those in Southeast Asia have larger ones, though in both cases many of them want to make an adjustment to their size. With this double eyelid surgery, they can achieve that.

Asian Blepharoplasty works by having the doctor surgically remove excess fat around your eyes to give it more room.

Before you can actually get this blepharoplasty, your doctors should first see if you are eligible to get it to begin with. While technically any adult both men and women can get it, there are certain factors that they look for when accepting someone.


One is if you actually may require Asian double eyelid surgery. This can be because your upper eyelid droops over your face which can affect your vision and be a hindrance. Usually, this is a result of excess fat that leaves them looking puffy. The problem here is that when your eyelid folds up, it causes your eyelashes to rub against your eyes which can irritate and damage them.


Now if you don’t need to have it, you can still get it for purely cosmetic reasons. This happens if you’re not happy with the look of your eyelid and want to reshape it. Sometimes it can be a result of too much fat in your upper eyelid which leaves it hanging.

Another major cause for this technique is to solve asymmetry. For some people, their eyes are not properly balanced, and to solve this, double eyelid surgery can help form a uniform appearance. They also can create a single crease above these folds to make t look better.

Average Cost

Double eyelid surgery costs around $2,500-3,000. This can seem like a lot for people, especially given the small surface area this procedure which is limited only to the upper eyelid. However, this is because there are a number of factors at play here that affect the costs.

The biggest one is how much work the doctors need to do. During a consultation, the doctors will look at how much tissue and muscles they need to remove and repair. They also will look for other factors that can affect double eyelid surgery. All of this adds to the costs which they will provide an estimate of when you have your consultation.


One of the first things you want to check out is insurance and whether they will cover it. Under most circumstances they consider this a purely cosmetic treatment, meaning they do not need to help you. However, if you can prove that this treatment has a medical necessity, then they might be willing to help pay for it. In those circumstances, it can lead to huge savings.


While we mentioned a cost, this is only the average cost of the treatment and the actual price can range hugely between them. There are some clinics who can probably offer the treatment for your upper eyelid at a fraction of the cost. However in these cases the quality of these treatments are not as good.

For some clinics, they try to offer cheaper treatment using lower quality products or a less reliable surgeon. While this does drive the price down, it can also highten the risk for side effects. If someone offers you a treatment that is much cheaper than market value it is best to seek a second opinion.


Before any kind of surgical treatment, every patient needs to have a initial consultation first in Melbounre. This is when they meet up with a doctor to discuss the treatment and where thye can see if you are the right patient for the procedure.

Here doctors will first start the consultation by examining the area around the eyes to see if there is anything that may hinder the procedure. At the same time they will also check if there is excess skin or if thye need only a single eyelid or two treated and if there is sagging eyelid skin there.

After that they will explain the surgical procedure and its variations to you, letting you understand the difference and seeing which one you prefer. If that is all good they can proceed with the double eyelid surgery.

The Procedure

With everything in place the doctor can begin the procedure. Depending on which one you pick there can be some slight variations, but the general idea is that they will first make an inicison on your eyelid, usually along the crease in the upper eyelid. You will be under a local anaesthetic during this time so you won’t feel a thing.


From there the surgeon will begin with the blepharoplasty by digging out all the excess eyelid skin and fat in that area. After they get everything out, the surgeon will then start to apply sutures. They will do this on the connective tissue to help support the suture. This suture technique prevents the eyelid fold from falling over after plastic surgery. From there the doctor can begin sealing up the upper eyelid crease.

Post Surgery


After the surgical procedure, and they close the eyelid fold if the doctor finds nothing wrong with you can go home. for the post surgery they reccoment taking some time to recover. In that time your doctor will recommend keeping an eye out for side effects.


Side Effects

Generally speaking the side effects of this treatment are pretty mild and serious issues are rare. The most common one post operative involved is bruising and swelling which you can cover up with eye makeup. This will clear up in two weeks. However this procedure carries risks such as blurred vision.

There are many types of eyelid surgery, such as blepharoplasty (eyelid reduction) and blepharotransplantation (reconstructive surgery for eyelids), and this can be a difficult decision to make. Patients often do not know much about the surgery, until you meet with a surgeon and discuss prices.

Full Incision

This is a technique for surgery double eyelid that is done to patients who have too much fat and skin around their upper eyelids. These results are the most permanent, but require a long incision across the entire eyelid crease which will leave a scar, albeit a small one.

As this happens, your surgeon will begin removing excess tissue when they make the incision. When they removed everything they can, the doctor will use sutures to cover it up and pull your eyes back to create the double eyelid. This will be around for a few days before you can remove it.

Partial Incision

Another technique they offer is a partial incision which also removes the excess skin but not the fat if there is any. However, the results here are still as reliable and long lasting as a full incision. The main difference here is that there is much less scarring present. While they will still need to make an opening on your eyelid crease, doctors will not do it for the full crease and instead shorten it to as short as possible.

From there thye will proceed as they normally do by removing the excess skin, though the operation is much harder with a smaller area to work with. Once thye finish, as with the full incision, the doctor will apply sututres to pull back the area and then close the incision. Usually a partial incision is less than 5 millimeters which makes it harder to notice.

No Incision

If you have neither exceeds skin or fat on your eyelid but still want to adjust the shape, there is also a version of this treatment for you. In this case, the doctors proceed without an incision in your upper eyelid. This makes the treatment non-surgical doesn’t leave a scar or cause any swelling but the downside is that the results are not as long lasting as the results will have an easier time unfolding.

Instead of making an opening, the doctor will instead make a series of small holes where they can pass the sutures in before closing it up. this eliminates the need for an eyelid removal.


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