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Best Anti Wrinkle Injections Melbourne

Best Anti Wrinkle Injections Melbourne

Best botox in melbourne

What are Anti Wrinkle Injection?

Anti Wrinkle Injection is a drug that weakens or paralyzes muscle. In small doses, it can reduce skin wrinkles and help treat some muscle conditions. Anti Wrinkle Injection is a protein made from botulinum toxin that the bacterium Clostridium botulinum produces. This is the same toxin that causes botulism. Anti Wrinkle Injection is known to be a poisonous substance but comes down to purity and dose when used safely for cosmetic purposes

What is Anti Wrinkle Injection used for?

Anti Wrinkle Injection is now one of the most popular Melbourne anti-wrinkle injections in the cosmetic world. Anti Wrinkle Injection primarily reduces the facial wrinkles And while it is immensely popular for aesthetic purposes, Anti Wrinkle Injection is actually pretty handy for other conditions too, including excessive sweat,neck spasm, overactive bladder, and lazy eyes. Anti Wrinkle Injection injections also helps prevent long standing migraine. Anti Wrinkle Injection can be used to address lines and wrinkles on a number of facial areas like forehead, crow’s feet, and lip lines.It is injected to soften dimpling of the chin. Anti Wrinkle Injection can also be injected into the muscles of the jaw to help ease the pain from teeth grinding or for a jaw slimming effect

How much is the cost of Anti Wrinkle Injection in Melbourne?

As with most cosmetic treatments, the prices for Anti Wrinkle Injection vary widely, depending on what region you go to for treatment. You also have to take into consideration the experience and level of expertise of the doctor and cosmetic clinics. In Melbourne, Anti Wrinkle Injection treatment is roughly $16.50 per unit.

How long does Anti Wrinkle Injection last?

In general, result can be seen within four to five days and may last 4 to 12 months.

What does Anti Wrinkle Injection treatments feel like?

Anti Wrinkle Injection treatments are quick with small amount of discomfort. The anti-wrinkle treatment requires no recovery time.

Do anti wrinkle injections Hurt?

Like other anti-wrinkle injections, Anti Wrinkle Injection can be slightly painful especially between the eyebrows. Often than not, topical anaesthesia is applied to numb the area.

Is Anti Wrinkle Injection injection safe?

Anti Wrinkle Injection is relatively a safe treatment but just like other anti-wrinkle injections, it entails risks and complications

  • Flu-like symptoms – including a headache – for the first 24 hours after treatment
  • Bruising at the injection site
  • Temporary weakness and droopiness of your facial features
  • Your body developing resistance to the treatment if it’s repeated too frequently

To make sure that the treatment is done properly, it is always best to seek the service of a qualified medical professional and skin clinic in Melbourne.

To ensure safe and effective Anti Wrinkle Injection procedures, visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors for Anti-Wrinkle Injections in Melbourne.

What age should you get Anti Wrinkle Injection?

Some patients may ask if they are already at the right age. There’s is no right or wrong age to start using Anti Wrinkle Injection however, patient should be evaluated and receive consultation from a professional prior to getting one.

How soon will I see results?

While the experience of each patient may differ, it usually takes 3-5 days to see the effects of Anti Wrinkle Injection. For some, it may take up to 2 weeks to realize the final effects. There is no rebound effect when Anti Wrinkle Injection wears off and one does not go for repeat anti-wrinkle injections

What do I need to prepare for the treatment?

A week before the treatment most physicians will advise patients to stop consuming alcohol or taking medications or supplements that thin the blood like aspirin, ibuprofen, Gingko Biloba, or Ginseng. This will help minimize bruising after the procedure.

What is the after care for Anti Wrinkle Injection?

Post- Treatment

  • Initial effects are usually seen within 1-2 days, but it can take from 10/14 days to see the full effects of your Anti Wrinkle Injection treatments. To ensure you are happy with the results, we request you to return for a review appointment and assessment.
  • To follow your results, as well as for other documentation reasons, you may be photographed and the results recorded in your confidential patient file.
  • The effects of your Anti Wrinkle Injection treatment should last up to 4 months.
  • There is also some evidence to indicate that over time, regular repeat treatments may improve the longevity of your Anti Wrinkle Injection treatments. To maintain the benefits of your treatment we recommend you have re-treatment 4 months from now.


  • Keep upright for 4 hours after treatment (do not lay down on your stomach)
  • Allow at least 7 days for the full effects of the Anti Wrinkle Injection to kick in
  • Expect minor swelling and tenderness immediately after treatment
  • You can ice the treated area remembering not to press down hard although there is no evidence that icing may take away bruising
  • Keep the area clean, do not keep touching the area


  • Do not massage the treated area
  • Do not do any strenuous exercise after being treated as this may result in bruising
  • Do not drink alcohol for up to 12 hours after treatment
  • Do not smoke for up to 12 hours before treatment Avoid any blood thinning medications ie; aspirin, ibuprofen

Which lasts longer anti wrinkle injections A or B?

Both are temporary but differs in expected results. You can see the result after couple of days when dysport is used but it will only last 3 to 4 months. For Anti Wrinkle Injection, it will take weeks to take effect but may last up to 6 months.

What are alternatives for Anti Wrinkle Injection?

Anti-wrinkle injections

Nerve signals are safely blocked to avoid facial muscle to contract by putting anti-wrinkle injections. Anti-wrinkle injections help to relax certain wrinkle-causing facial muscles in the face.

  • Reduce frown lines
  • Reduce crow’s feet
  • Look refreshed & rejuvenated
  • Look as good as you feel, not tired, sad, angry or worried
  • Undetectable

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers can restore volume to the face and lips and can also be used as anti-wrinkle treatment. They are safe, reversible and the results last for months to years.

  • Fuller lips
  • Smoothes fine wrinkle & deep lines
  • Lifts, fills & refreshes cheeks
  • Look refreshed & rejuvenated
  • Look as good as you feel, not tired, sad, angry or worried
  • Undetectable

Fat-dissolving injections

Fat-dissolving injections are a game changer in cosmetic skin treatments, removing fat under the chin without invasive liposuction. A series of fat-dissolving injections can permanently remove a double chin and contour the face, causing it to look younger and firmer.

  • Permanently dissolves fat cells under the chin
  • Contours the neck
  • Creates a more attractive jaw line
  • Helps men look more chiselled & women look more contoured
  • Undetectable

Anti Wrinkle Injection FAQ

Is it true that the more I have anti wrinkle injection, the less I need to use it?

Muscles that are not used tend to atrophy and weaken over time. Muscles that have been continually injected with Anti Wrinkle Injection may actually fall into this category and produce a similar effect.

Does Anti Wrinkle Injection always have to be performed in a doctor’s office? Who is certified to inject Anti Wrinkle Injection?

Anti Wrinkle Injection is a prescription drug and can be handles by physician, nurse, physician assistant, or aesthetician) It does not have to be injected in a doctor’s office.

What happens if I discontinue anti wrinkle injection after the first time or after several times?

The wrinkles in your skin should return to their original appearance when the Anti Wrinkle Injection wears off. Discontinuing the Anti Wrinkle Injection will not worsen your skin wrinkles. The reason why most opt not to stop using the Anti Wrinkle Injection is after seeing the disappearance of your wrinkles, you never want to see the wrinkles in your skin again. You can stop anytime you want without consequences.

How many injections can a patient get?

There is no definite limit to the number of injections one can have. However, the immune system of the body is capable of developing antibodies to the Anti Wrinkle Injection molecule which can render it ineffective at some point in the future.

To ensure that your face and skin get what they deserve, visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors for Anti Wrinkle Injection and quality Anti-Wrinkle Injections in Melbourne today!

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