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Best Procedure for Neck Tightening

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

Why is Neck Tigtheness an Issue

Neck tightness is easily recognized in the majority of people. Today it not only affects the aging population but in people of all ages. Neck stiffness is the inability to move the neck freely. The symptoms are typically the feeling of pain, which usually fades when you tilt your head in the opposite direction. To treat this, many people have to go to the doctor for a procedure dealing with neck tightening. One of the most common ways to help is with Melbourne neck rejuvenation treatment.
Neck tightness is something that affects everyone at some point in their lives. If you were to ask someone on the street how often they experience tightness in their neck on a regular basis, they would most likely answer “every day”. More likely, however, they would be incorrect in this assumption. The truth is that most people experience neck tightness on a regular basis, but they never realize it. This is because it only happens when they are asleep, then they wake up and it is gone. Other people are not even aware that they have neck tightness because it is so subtle. However, while they do not notice it, this is still an issue as it can cause long-term pain.

Things to consider when choosing a Neck Tightening Procedure

When it comes to neck pain, the cause may be obvious: a pinched nerve in the neck or a bulging disc in the neck.
The problem with neck tightness is commonly known as “tight neck syndrome.” But underlying neck pain isn’t always easy to diagnose. This can have a negative effect on the function of various parts of your body, including your neck.  Neck tightness can be from a number of factors, including poor posture, heavy lifting, overuse of the neck, and muscle strain. More seriously, it can be from a number of different conditions, such as arthritis or even cancer. This makes it important to know the causes of your neck pain and which treatments can be appropriate.
Aside from that, there are other factors to consider such as financial. Neck tightening can be an expensive procedure depending on which you choose. Because of that, you want to choose one that is within your budget. You can do this by bringing up financial issues when discussing this with your doctor.

Types of Neck Tightening Procedures

Surgery or N0n-Surgery

There are two procedures for neck tightening. People usually choose between two solutions: surgery and non-surgical options. Non-surgical options include physical therapy, Thermage, ultra therapy, and manual stretches. Surgery is usually the best way to tighten your neck, but it will not work for everyone. This is because they can be invasive and take a huge strain on the body.


Getting rid of excess neck fat is no easy task, and one of the most effective methods is Thermage. This is a non-surgical, outpatient procedure for neck tightening. Many neck rejuvenation Melbourne treatments are starting to adopt this. Thermage is a promising new method for treating neck sagging that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to reduce the size of sagging neck tissue. Using intense light on body tissue is the same process used on the face to rejuvenate it. Thermage focuses light on the neck tissues to shrink them, helping to tighten the neck. The results are immediate and permanent. If you’re looking for a safe, pain-free method of neck tightening.


Ultherapy or Ulthera is a non-surgical method of tightening the skin around your neck. It’s very similar to laser resurfacing but is aims to treat wrinkles and loose skin on the neck. This procedure does not restore or improve the shape of your neck but works to treat laxity and uneven, loose skin. The procedure is a non-invasive treatment to tighten the neck wrinkles from the aging process. The performance of this procedure offers long-lasting improvement in the skin’s appearance. This causes a significant decrease in the appearance of neck wrinkles. The main advantages of this method are an excellent skin tightening effect and a high aesthetic value of the skin.


Kybella is a neck tightening is a common procedure that aims to correct the shape of the neck. It is an injectable hyaluronic acid that doctors inject into the submental area (also known as the submental hollow.) They use this through a small needle. It is most frequently used for the treatment of submental cellulite and neck fat reduction. This makes it an alternative to surgery or liposuction while being less invasive. For some patients, they can have the neck tightening as a one-time procedure (“one time” meaning the end of the day, 24 hours later). If they like, they can have neck tightening on an ongoing basis (“ongoing” meaning on a daily basis, multiple times per day).

Risks and Side Effects of Neck Tightening Procedures

Neck surgery can give you many benefits. It can help to relieve symptoms of chronic neck pain, surgery is one of the most effective treatments for disabling intervertebral disc degeneration, and there are now surgery techniques to treat conditions like sleep apnea. However, surgery for these conditions can also create problems. Some surgery may weaken your muscles, while others surgery may cause the surgery site to scar.
Kybella is a new injectable FDA-approved treatment that can be used to treat low volume liposuction results in an unnoticeable treatment effect. It’s inexpensive, non-invasive and most importantly it’s safe. It is also one of the most popular products in the world today, with 1500 people per week seeking treatment. Most of the side effects include basic issues such as bruising, redness, and pain which doctors can easily treat. Serious side effects are rare but not unheard of. This includes things such as nerve damage, muscle weakening, and an uneven smile.
Thermage is a laser device that removes loose skin, tightening the skin and reducing fat under the skin. It can help improve your appearance, but if you use it on your neck, it can have side effects that may not necessarily be beneficial. Thermage is usually not recommended for someone with a history of cancer, or for those with significant pain or inflammation in the neck. The procedure can potentially irritate those issues. There are few cases of any serious side effects from this, usually, it is a result of your skin getting burned. Instead, most of the side effects that people report are swelling, redness, and sensitive skin. However, these go away after a few days.
Ultratherpay, like Thermage, is an incredibly safe neck tightening procedure. It is one that you can do without any major risks for the most part. The lasers can smooth out your skin, though they can also cause some burning and redness as a side effect. This leaves it feeling sensitive for some time after but doctors can provide medications for it. The real risk is if you have skin conditions or cancer as these might negatively affect it and make it worse.

How Much Does It Cost

The prices for these different neck tightening procedures can vary considerably depending on which one you go for. At the most expensive you have neck lift surgery which can cost you several thousand dollars. Meanwhile, on the lower end, you have things like Thermage which goes from the mid-hundreds to over a thousand dollars.

The reason for this is that surgery requires a lot more labor and risk. It can be really invasive and takes a doctor with a lot of experience to do it properly. Because of that, they will likely charge more for compensation. At the same time, you also will need extra services like sedatives, an operating room, and a bed to recover if it is necessary. All of this piles up to make for an expensive procedure.

Meanwhile, Thermage can depend on where and how much you need. Its base price is somewhere around two hundred dollars. However, if you need multiple treatments it can go up several times that amount. Meanwhile, more expensive places can charge as much as four hundred dollars per session. This deepened where you plan on getting it and the quality of the clinic.

The same can be said for Ultratherapy which is somewhere in the low thousands. This is because operating a laser requires a lot of experience to do safety. As a result, the doctors in this neck tightening procedure can charge more for their specialty. At the same time, this reduces the risks of burns or other side effects though.

Kybellla also has the same issues and costs from twelve hundred to eighteen hundred dollars. This will depend on how many treatments you need as sometimes one or two injections might not be enough. It is also worth noting that Kybella is semi-permanent which means that the fat is less likely to return in that area. Other injections like botox and fillers cannot always claim that as they eventually wear down.


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