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Body Lift Melbourne

Body Lift

What is a body lift?

This is a body contouring surgery that aims to reduce the manifestations of sagging skin, excess fat. Body lift surgery may include lower body lift and post weight loss surgery. The treatment is generally focused on areas of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks.

In essence, a body lift is a combination of three plastic surgery treatments, that is, tummy tuck, buttock lift and thigh lift. In some cases, a complete body lift treatment also includes breast lift and extended arm lift. Typically, patients would prefer a complete body lift over separate treatments. This way, it saves them time, money and effort.

Just like any other cosmetic treatment, a body lift may not be the most ideal treatment for you. To learn more about this plastic surgery treatment, visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors for a comprehensive consultation, evaluation and diagnosis.

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All you need to know

All you need to know about
Body Lift Melbourne

Ageing is an inevitable natural body process. You know you are alive when you age. Sadly, it tends to manifest in the skin. When people age, their skin loses elasticity and firmness. Depending on your body mechanism, skin laxity may be severe even at an early age.

When this happens, it tends to sag or become loose. In some instances, skin laxity comes with tissue laxity and the accumulation of subcutaneous fats. When this happens, you and your skin will look more mature than your age.

The human body is composed of tissues, bones, ligaments, and skin. These body structures optimally function with the help of collagen which, in turn, is a naturally occurring chemical substance in the body.

From infancy to your mid-twenties, your body naturally produces and stores collagen in the body. The skin particularly stores both collagen and elastin in its underlying tissue layers. However, the production of these substances stops as you reach your mid to late twenties.

As you reach your thirties, your body uses the supply of collagen and elastin stored in your body. And consequently, it diminishes as time goes on. At this point, as collagen and elastin decrease, your body’s underlying tissues lose their elasticity and firmness as well.

There are many factors that can affect the texture and appearance of the skin including the following:

  • Genetics;
  • Massive weight loss;
  • Environmental irritants and allergens;
  • Health or medical conditions;
  • Previous medical procedure;
  • Diet and exercise; and
  • Lifestyle habits.

Generally, specialist plastic surgeons recommend specific Melbourne body contouring surgery such as Abdominoplasty, Brachioplasty, Buttocks lifts, Thighplasty, and Breast lifts. However, in some cases, a full or complete body lift is recommended when bost pasts of the body need enhancements.

Other surgeons also recommend upper body lift or lower body lift depending on the needs of the patient. The good thing about a full-body lift is that you get to have all the necessary treatments in one go. Similarly, an upper body lift or lower body lift can help optimize treatment as well as recovery time.

This body contouring procedure is a body lift surgery that focuses on the excess skin and fat tissues that accumulated in the stomach area. A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty aims to reduce the bulging appearance of your stomach and abdomen. It also eliminates unwanted loose skin and extra fat.

A tummy tuck can be performed by removal of excess skin or liposuction of subcutaneous fat in the tummy area. A tummy tuck can help deal with surface laxity in the stomach area to implore smooth, soft and supple skin. It is also designed to provide a flatter and sexier body contour to your abdomen.

Buttocks lifts are cosmetic surgery procedures that focus on buttock enhancement. One of the most popular types of this body-contouring surgery is the Brazilian butt lift. This uses the fat transfer technique to boost the shape and size of your buttocks.

Unlike abdominoplasty, a buttock lift does not involve the excision of excess skin. It primarily adds volume to the buttock area. Seldom are there instances where the buttock size and share are reduced. In which case, however, the procedure involved is liposuction.

This lower body enhancement primarily aims to enhance the appearance of the upper thighs. Just like any other body contouring procedure, thigh reduction surgery is designed to remove loose skin and fat stores that cause flaps on the upper thighs.

This plastic surgery treatment aims to create a slimmer and sexier leg silhouette while imploring a well-proportioned full body structure. Similarly, this treatment helps smoothen and soften the skin and underlying tissues of the thighs.

Aside from thigh and buttock lifts, and tummy tuck, the two of the most common procedures that can be considered when getting a complete body lift surgery include breast and arm lifts. The breast lift aims to enhance the shape and size of the breast. It alleviates issues on sagging breasts.

An arm lift, on the other hand, is tailored to revive the vitality in the shape and appearance of the upper arms. This is sometimes referred to as Brachioplasty. It also removes excess fat and skin in the upper arms while improving the appearance and texture of the skin.

Just like any other plastic surgery, body lift starts with an initial consultation. This can help patients ensure that they get the most ideal cosmetic procedure for their body enhancement goals. During the consultation, your specialist plastic surgeon will evaluate the condition of your body and make a diagnosis.

You may be advised to book for hospital admission a few hours prior to your scheduled cosmetic reduction treatments.

A body lift involves several procedures and the steps are as follows:

General Anaesthesia

Just like any other surgical procedure, body lift plastic surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. Thus, a licensed anesthesiologist will administer the needed amount of anaesthetics to the patient.

Marking and Making the Incisions

When the treatment site is ready, the plastic surgeon will make an incision over the marked incision sites, The length and pattern will depend on the treatment site and the amount of skin for excision or amount of fat for extraction.

Generally, the incisions are made at inconspicuous areas of the skin to allow a better appearance for the body, especially after the healing process. This is typically discussed by the plastic surgeon and agreed to by the patient.


In case, liposuction is necessary, it will be done after a small incision is made at the extraction points in the body. For abdominoplasty, it is usually a bikini cut just above the pubic bone. For Thighplasty, it is made inside the upper thighs.


This is the process of removing the excess skin from the intended treatment area. The amount of excess skin to be removed depends on the expected outcome of the patient. In some cases, the surgeon makes a recommendation as to how much skin should be removed.


When a significant amount of fats and skin are removed, internal sutures are made to tighten the inner underlying tissues. This also helps create the contour you desire for your body structures.

In some instances, your surgeon may place a small, thin cannula under your skin as drainage for blood and fluid accumulation. Lastly, superficial incisions are sutured to ensure that no cuts will be opened and to prevent unwarranted bleeding.

Compression Garments

After suturing the cuts and incisions, your surgeon will suit you up with a compression garment. This will help in the blood and oxygen circulation and for faster healing.

In most cases, you will be asked to remain in the hospital for the next 24 to 48 hours. This is to ensure that the procedure is successful.

Right after the body lift procedure, patients may experience wooziness as the effects of anaesthetics gradually wear off. There may also be some mild to moderate swelling and bruising, coupled with light pain and discomfort. These downtimes typically resolve on their own within the next 3 to 5 days.

After your hospital stay, you should ask a friend or family to drive you home. It may also be best to take some time off work to ensure that you get a stress-free recovery.

During your recovery, the healing process should be accompanied by attentively and diligently following the aftercare guidelines provided by your plastic surgeon. Avoid substances that can hamper your recovery time like smoking, alcohol drinking and blood-thinning medications and supplements.

Every invasive procedure carries risks and complications. However, these can be minimized with proper consultation and post-operative care procedures with your trusted specialist plastic surgeon.

After the upper or lower body lift procedures, patients may experience post-operative downtimes including mild to moderate pain, swelling and bruising. Some patients may also experience some redness, bleeding and irritation. Thus, it is best to follow the recommended post-operative care provided by your plastic surgeon.

Here are some post-surgery risks and complications that may occur after a body lifting treatment:

  • Irritation and infection on the incision sites;
  • Unwarranted surgical wound opening;
  • Unwanted keloid scarring;
  • Risks of blood and fluid accumulation or seroma;
  • Tissue damage at the surgical site; and
  • Loss of sensation on the affected areas of the surgery.

Body lifting procedures are cosmetic treatments that primarily aim to enhance the appearance and texture of the skin. It helps tone the body by removing not just the fats that have accumulated but also the excess skin that affects the overall appearance of your physique.

Weight loss, on the other hand, is a weight reduction process where a person needs to shed off a few pounds by toning down the muscles. In essence, body lifting procedures are not performed to achieve weight loss.

A massive weight loss, however, can lead to sagging bodily structures. the amount of weight loss is significant in that it affected the elasticity of your body tissues. Thus, body contouring can help fix the appearance and revive the lost elasticity of the skin while improving your overall appearance.

Having a consultation is not only necessary for surgical body reduction procedures, it is also necessary for all other cosmetic or medical treatment that you intend to go through. During a consultation, your will understand your bodily structures and conditions.

Whether you opt for a complete body reconstruction or just an abdominoplasty, consultation with Dr Vihang Sharma can help you understand what your body exactly needs. Simply fill out the form on this page with your complete first name, last name, email address and contact number. One of our patient coordinators will call you back for confirmation.

Although liposuction is one of the more common ways of getting a bodily reduction procedure, it may not always be the most ideal treatment. Liposuction is recommended for patients with excessive accumulation of fats.

In essence, subcutaneous fats can be extracted through liposuction. However, if the cause is excess skin aggravated by the loss of elasticity, liposuction may not be the right treatment for you. In which case, your specialist plastic surgeon may recommend plastic surgery by excision.

On average, the recovery period for surgical treatments is between 3 to 6 weeks. However, recovery time varies for every patient. While your neighbour can recover for just 3 weeks, it may take you 4 weeks or even longer to get past the first phase of recovery.

The duration of recovery also varies on the type of treatment. Opting for breast cosmetic surgery typically offers a shorter recovery time than a full body lifting procedure. To ensure a faster healing process minus the risks of complications, it is always best to follow the aftercare guidelines of your surgeon.

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors offer the most comprehensive consultation process to help you understand your cosmetic needs. To book a consultation with us, simply complete the form on this page with your first name, last name, email address and contact number.

One of our Melbourne patient coordinators will give you a call to confirm your availability. However, please consider lockdown protocols that may affect your schedule.

Learn more about body lift and keep your overall physique in top shape!


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