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Brazilian Butt Lift
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Brazilian Butt Lift Melbourne by Skinclub Cosmetic Doctors

Brazilian Butt Lift Melbourne

Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian butt lift or BBL is a clinically proven safe plastic surgery treatment that enhances the volume and shape of your buttocks. This cosmetic surgical procedure is one of the most popular treatments amongst many celebrities, social media personalities, and influencers.

Brazilian butt lift is considered a cosmetic procedure for butt augmentation, which can also be referred to as gluteal augmentation surgery. This procedure utilizes the natural fat stores desiring to have a more prominent butt figure and size.

Our BBL procedure involves two main stages, liposuction or the extraction of fat from your abdomen, lower back, thighs, or hips and the injection of the fat extracts to your buttocks.

This procedure is a technique that can help achieve a more pronounced and sensual lower body profile. So if you have been dreaming of having a J.Lo like curvaceous buttocks, the Brazilian butt lift is the perfect procedure.

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All you need to know

All you need to know about Brazilian Butt Lift

e buttocks. Although this technique is mostly for cosmetic enhancement purposes, some patients undergo this procedure to help recondition their bodies.

This procedure is also performed as a restorative method in repairing and rebuilding the lost volume of your buttocks. The goal is to stay as natural as possible, hence, your doctor will conduct an evaluation and diagnosis to know which type of incision pattern is appropriate for you.

Here are the factors that may be considered in a Brazilian butt lift procedure:

  • Patients have to possess a healthy body.
  • Your current buttocks size and shape;
  • The buttocks size and shape you would like to achieve;
  • The part of the body from which fat will extracted;
  • The fat stores that your body part contains;
  • Your daily routine and activity level; and
  • The quality, quantity, and elasticity of your skin.

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors provides the most comprehensive Brazilian butt lift or BBL in Melbourne. Our board-certified cosmetic surgeons will work with you from consultation until your desired buttocks appearance is achieved.

The entire Brazilian butt lift procedure consists of 4 phases, including the following:

The administration of anesthetics depends on the patient’s pain coping mechanism and the amount of extracted fats from your hips, thighs, or belly. A small amount of fat transfer may only require the application of local anesthesia. However, if the volume is quite substantial, general anesthesia or intravenous sedation may be administered.

After marking the appropriate site of your hips, abdomen, or thighs where incisions for liposuction will take place, your surgeon will make small inconspicuous incisions will be made where the cannula or the hallow thin tubes will be inserted.

A controlled and slow back and forth motion will be performed to loosen the fat stores. As fats are released, they are suctioned with a syringe or surgical vacuum attached to the cannula.

The extracted fat cells undergo a purification process while it is being prepared for reinjection into your buttocks.

When the fats are purified and ready, your surgeon will create three to five incisions around your buttocks where the fats will be injected. A set of syringes will then be attached to the cannula and the fats are transferred accordingly.

The incisions for the liposuction and fat transfers are sutured to close up the wounds and prevent unwanted bleeding.

The doctors will also suit you up with a compression garment to improve the blood flow in the affected areas and help minimize the risks of bleeding

After the procedure, you will feel and see a huge difference on your buttocks, however, this may include the so much fat volume intended for blood absorption. While the actual shape and size of the buttocks are gradually developing, you should be taking all precautionary measures during this phase. This is to ensure that optimum results are achieved.

A patient should be prepared to expect some changes in his or her everyday routine after a Brazilian butt lift. The recovering process varies for everyone because each individual has his or her own body mechanism. Thus, your trusted cosmetic surgeons will provide a post-care regimen that is specific to your needs.

The Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgery that entails excellent and vigilant care during this phase. You may need the assistance of somebody to help you get through some chores around the house. You may also need some help to get you settled with the post-care regimens after the procedure.

If your work can adversely affect the outcome of your Brazilian butt lift surgery, you may be advised to have a longer leave of absence from work. You may also be advised to stand during work or you may use a special cushion to have the right butt support when you sit. In most cases, patients may resume work or return to their daily routines between four to six weeks after the surgery.

After coming home from the procedure, you will notice that your backside may look bigger than you expected. This is normal, so do not be alarmed because the excess fat will be intended for the bloodstream absorption process. The absorption process may take about two to six weeks depending on the amount of fat that is grafted to your buttocks.

After the procedure, your buttocks and the areas where fat is taken will have bruises but this can be managed by oral medications. Your cosmetic surgeon will include a prescription for oral medicine to reduce pain, discomfort, bruising, and swelling.

After surgery, patients should know how to care for themselves, especially their buttock area. Having a Brazilian butt lift may require some modifications and special attention to your buttocks.

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts that you need to follow meticulously and attentively:

  • Take your oral medication for pain and swelling relief diligently and as scheduled.
  • In case of an infection or other complications, visit your trusted surgeons immediately.
  • Patients should wear compression garments as instructed by their cosmetic surgeon.
  • Restrain yourself from sitting on your buttocks for the next three weeks following the procedure.
  • Make sure not to sleep on your back.
  • Remember not to put pressure on the injected fats.
  • Refrain from engaging in strenuous physical activities for about one month.
  • Consult your cosmetic surgeon for a schedule of activities that you may adhere to.
  • Eat nutritious and healthy food.
  • Hydrate yourself and drink plenty of water to detoxify your body from harmful toxins.
  • Make sure to watch your weight and ensure that it does not
  • fluctuate.Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol-based beverages.

A Brazilian butt lift procedure is quite comprehensive, hence, it requires at least two to three weeks initial period to recover and about six months to fully recover. This is under the presumption that you are taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety and optimum healing of your buttocks and part of your body where fat was extracted.

After around six to eight weeks the transferred fats are expected to have fully grafted and stabilized in your buttocks. This means that the reinjected fats have formed and developed as part of your buttock tissues. This is also the time when you can resume the normal activities you do including physical exercises and office work.

After the eighth week, you may notice that the swelling is not fully gone but you will also notice that your buttocks have shaped up to the appearance that you desire.

Buttock implants procedure involves the use of artificial materials like silicone implants for buttock augmentation. However, the use of synthetic materials could impose a higher risk of complications because these implants could not be compatible with the tissue components of your body.

In comparison, Brazilian butt lift procedures use your fat stores to enhance the aesthetic, shape and size of the buttocks. The “natural” components of your fat stores help ensure safer, more and effective results without having to worry about your health and any adverse side effects.

One of the many advantages of the Brazilian butt lift is its long-term and lifetime effect. Since this procedure involves fat transfer from your abdomen, thighs, lower back, hips or stomach, it works well with your body tissues without the risk of unwarranted side effects.

The results of a Brazilian butt lift surgery are usually final as it reaches its sixth month of recovery from the date of the procedure. Our Melbourne clinics offer very rewarding BBL procedures. Although it could take a while to fully recover, seeing how your buttocks have fully evolved will be very satisfying.

The minimum Brazilian butt lift cost in Melbourne is $9,000. The price usually includes all the supplementary procedures necessary in completing the BBL treatment.

Here are some benefits that a patient may enjoy in choosing our Melbourne BBL procedure:

  • Cellulite reduction;
  • Necessary fat transfer from the abdomen, hips, lower back, and thighs to the buttocks;
  • Tighten sagging butt cheeks;
  • Safer than synthetic implants;
  • Cost-efficient and lasting effects;
  • Eliminates the risk of adverse effects;
  • It can enhance the skin lift in your buttocks area
  • Helps patients boost their self-confidence;
  • Wear the kind of dress that you like;
  • It can also enhance the silhouette of your lower body;
  • It can help you achieve the buttocks enhancement that you desire; and
  • Performed by board-certified cosmetic surgeons.

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On your Treatment Day, you will be greeted by our warm and friendly staff who will make you feel totally at ease. Before treatment, our patients are adhered with a numbing solution or local anaesthetic to ensure the treatment is comfortable and painless. The doctor will make sure you feel safe throughout your entire procedure and love your final results.
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