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Breast Implants Treatment
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Breast Implants Treatment

Breast Implants, also known as breast augmentation surgery, are one of the most common types of plastic surgery offered by plastic surgeons. While not as big as in the US, breast enlargement surgery has made itself known in Australia, with over 300,000 breast implant treatments every year.

This has made the country one of the largest markets for this treatment. However, with such a popular treatment, there are also bound to be a lot of misconceptions about it. In this article, we wish to spend some time explaining the whole procedure of Breast Augmentation in Melbourne to clear up any misinformation.

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All you need to know about
Breast Implants Treatment by SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors

Breast implants can be used to increase breast size. It is a plastic surgery procedure that involves placing breast implants in the breast. These implants help provide extra structure for your breasts, preventing sagging and maintaining their shape. Breast implants can be used to increase the size of breasts in women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Breast implant surgery is one of our most popular treatments in Skin Club so our plastic surgeons have plenty of experience in the procedures.

Before we proceed, let us first give an explanation of the terms breast implant and breast augmentation and determine if there is a difference. Both these terms indeed have a focus on improving breast tissue and appearance. The difference is that breast augmentation is more of the name of the procedure while breast implants are the physical device they use to improve the appearance. This means that you will be using a breast implant during breast augmentation procedures. However, aside from that, the terms are very similar. Before choosing which one to take, e sure to seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner, preferably a specialist plastic surgeon.

Implants are a highly effective and durable way to replace breast tissue lost through illness, breast surgery, and/or breastfeeding. This is accomplished by inserting a “silicone gel” beneath the breast tissue, which is then used as a mat to support the breast as it grows. Implants come in many shapes and sizes and can be made of silicone, saline, or some other high-tech material. More than just being able to fix their size, it is important for these materials to be natural-looking and be able to fit into your chest muscle without a problem.

Saline Implants

Saline is a type of implant that makes use of saltwater that has not been sterilized. the use of liquid helps give it a balanced shape and a soft feeling which are important in making them feel natural. the advantage of using it is that it is easy to customize since the size is only a matter of how much water you put. This gives you options for breast enlargement if you want that.

Another is that in the event of a leak, they are easy to fix and clear up. The procedure for these is done by inserting the implants when they are empty and fixing them into place. Once they are secure, the plastic surgeons can begin adding the water. They will add it to fit your specified size and volume and can easily adjust it if something goes wrong.

Saline implants also boast flexibility makes them popular for women who have breast asymmetry. In some cases, plastic surgeons can also make them out of a mix of saline and silicone to give them more structure while still making them flexible.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants are a type of implant that is injected into the breast and replaces the natural breast tissue. This is one of the most common materials used for these implants. They are used to reconstruct missing breast tissue and to enhance breasts. Many women decide to have this procedure as they feel that it would help them feel more confident and healthy about their bodies. They feel that their breasts will look and feel enhanced and that they will finally be able to wear bras that fit them properly.

These make use of silicone gel implants which have the same texture and feeling as real tissue. This makes it very difficult to tell if they are fake or not. Unlike Saline though, these have more structure to them, making the implants stringer. This means that leaks are rare during breast surgery but if they do, most clinics have post-operative care treatments that can address this.

Additionally, these implants also come in several shapes and forms, all using the same silicone gel implants covered in specialist plastic.

Gummy Bear Implants

This is one of the more complicated shapes that people use for breast enhancement surgery. The thing that sets this apart is that the shell tapers at the top to make the shape more accurate to your breast’s natural shape.

Aside from looking better, these implants are also more stable and can easily maintain their shape. This makes it harder for the gel to spill out even if it breaks. Helping this is the fact that the gel here makes use of thicker consistency.

Round Implants

One of the most common shapes is round implants. As the name suggests, this has a round look and keeps that shape throughout the implant. Round implants are great if you are also looking for breast enlargement as they make your breasts look more pronounced.

Smooth Implants

Another type is smooth implants which are great if you want an easy texture on your breasts. These leave your breasts feeling smooth and less likely to get in the way.

Textured Implants

With many implants, keeping them in place is a major problem. The issue stems from the fact that my implants have a smooth surface that allows them to slip back and forth. This is where textured implants come in which have more texture to them that will allow the implants to stay in place since they have more traction.

Implants are artificial implants used to replace missing or damaged breast tissue to improve the appearance of the breast. Implants are made out of different materials, including silicone, which is the most common.

For that reason, one of the most popular users of these is older women who feel as if their breasts are starting to sag and lose the shape they once had. For them, breast augmentation is one of the ways to restore the contours and shape they have.

Implants are used to replace breast tissue in women whose breasts have been removed during cancer surgery. They are also used when breast tissue has been damaged by radiation, hormonal changes, or other damage.

Another group is those simply unsatisfied with the size of the breast. For them, they feel as if they are not proportional to their body and opt for breast enlargement surgery. It does not even need to be an issue of size as other issues people have include breast shape, symmetry, and tightness.

On average, the cost of a breast augmentation treatment with the use of implants comes in between $3,900-10,000. This is a huge disparity but there is a good reason for it. Many factors can affect the costs of breast implants and all of these must be kept in mind when considering your options.


As we mentioned earlier, there are two types of breast implant textures, smooth and textured implants. The smooth implants are cheaper but the textured ones have more grip in them making them less likely to slide around.

However, going with the textured implants also means paying more for them. This is because it is much harder to make them with this roughness, meaning that the extra work that goes into it will add up for you.


Probably the most obvious factor that goes into the costs of implants is the size you want. Making larger implants would require more materials from your plastic surgeon and hospital. So if you want a larger breast, you will have to pay more for it.

Hospital Quality

Another factor that you should keep in mind is the quality of your surgeon and hospital. To be able to perform a cosmetic treatment like Melbourne breast augmentation surgery requires special training and special certification. This means that hospitals that do have this accreditation tend to charge more especially if their surgeons have experience.

On the other hand, those clinics that do not have this certification will then have to find ways to get customers, usually by charging lower fees.


Just what kind of implants you want can also affect the overall costs. Silicone is quite expensive to make especially if you go with a textured implant and those two together can raise the prices of the implant. Meanwhile, something like saline is just saltwater making it very easy to acquire and implement into an implant.

Initial Consultation

The whole procedure begins with a medical consultation between you and your surgeon. During this time, they will first see if you are a good candidate for the procedure. This means looking at medical history, experiences, and any medical conditions. If they deem you a good candidate, they explain to you all the options you have for this cosmetic surgery.

For this, they will make sure to tailor-fit your needs with the treatment, finding the best options for you. If you agree with what they have, you can move on to the next step. Aside from that, they will also explain the risks and side effects of this treatment. Like any cosmetic treatment, there are risks, and before proceeding, you should seek some information on it.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Once you and the doctor agree with everything, plastic surgery can begin. The procedure itself is pretty straightforward. The doctor will begin by making incisions around your breasts to fit in the implants. Due to the nature of Melbourne breast implants, these incisions can be large, making this a surgical or invasive procedure. This also means that the doctors will provide general anesthesia to keep you out while they do this.

From there they will begin working the implants in and onto your chest muscle and tissue to keep it secure. In some cases, the implants can be inserted while they are empty to make this process easier. Once they are in they can start working on adding the content to make it easier to insert.

This whole process along with the anesthesia wearing off can take around one to two hours in all but can depend if there are complications or other factors.

Oen thing that can seriously affect the length of treatment is if you are getting other treatments as well. Things like a breast lift can substantially increase your operation town. However, at the same time, this can also lead to far more dramatic results for your treatments as you will not just be augmenting your breasts, but adjusting other issues as well.

Post Operative

In most cases, breast augmentation surgery operates on an outpatient basis, which means that after a brief recovery period if you have no serious side effects, you can go home. This eliminates the need for an overnight hospital stay.

Breast implants are one of the best methods in providing breast augmentation to the patient, who may feel self-conscious about the size of her breast. Throughout the process, her surgeon will recommend various techniques to ensure that the implant is placed properly, help the patient understand the importance of proper fit and many other issues that may arise. With breast implants, the patient may feel uneasy about the potential for wound infection, capsular contracture, and other complications.

Although once had to deal with a long recovery period, those days are now gone as most breast augmentation treatments can have you back at work after a week. Sure there are going to be side effects, but plastic surgery has come a long way, making the process is now much faster and safer.

The first week is always the hardest as this is the time where your body is still getting used to the changes. One thing that will have to change is physical activity at least for the first few weeks. During that time, your doctors will suggest avoiding all physical activity and not lifting anything more than eight pounds.

Not doing this can slow the healing process and potentially cause some serious side effects on you while you are recovering. You should keep in touch with your doctor about this and let them know about any changes that happen. Though normally you can return to normal in about six weeks.

Aside from your diet, having healthy food ready can also make a huge difference. Keep the foot easy to eat and simple as to not string your body too much while you are working. This means food like fruits, yogurt, and other food that keeps the blood flowing.

Conversely, this means avoiding sugary, caffeinated, or salty foods as this can have the opposite effect and agitate you. This includes your beverages so stick mostly to tea or water and be sure to drink a lot of it.

Pain and Numbness

Pain will probably be the most obvious side effect you will deal with. This is the simplest and longest-lasting one, usually going for several weeks. This can make it rather difficult for you to perform even basic tasks so to combat this you should plan. This means keeping all your important stuff within reach. It also means avoiding tight clothing that can rub against your skin and irritate you even more.


Another common issue is swelling around the areas that your doctors treat after breast augmentation as your body gets used to the specialist plastic under its skin. This can affect movement and also be very uncomfortable. In this case, it is best to always have some ice packs handy to keep the swelling down after plastic surgery.

Capsular Contracture

Any invasive procedure carries risks and breast implants are no different. Capsular contracture is the most common complication in breast augmentation surgery. This happens when scar tissue forms around your breast around the implant. While this is normally a natural process, a capsular contracture happens when the area starts to harden and contract around the area.

It often has no symptoms, but when it progresses, it can cause pain, swelling, numbness, abnormal sensations, or loss of sensation in the breast. This can also cause changes in the range of motion in the breast, making range-of-motion exercises difficult to perform.


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