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Double Chin Bothering You? Get Rid of it Today at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

Double chin killing your whole look? You have tried enough diets and exercises to know that your fatty and saggy under the chin is stubborn and intent on remaining on your face. Do not be bothered with it. We have a solution. There are several cosmetic procedures available nowadays to improve and reshape any portion of your face and body according to your personal aesthetic goals. From your eyebrows to your under chin portion, anything can be improved for the better. 

At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, here in Melbourne, our experts will carefully listen to your problems and your goals and then determine what kind of treatment will suit you the best.  There are many available methods of under chin treatments, that can change the entire look of your lower face such as chin augmentation surgery or genioplasty, chin liposuction, dermal fillers for your chin, and the latest kybella injections for removing the fat under your chin and several others.

Let us know a bit more about both surgical and non-surgical forms of under chin treatment before going further.

Surgical cosmetic procedures have been available in the market for over a century. When we refer to ‘traditional’ treatment, we mean the surgical version of the treatment, as opposed to non-surgical versions which are more modern, and are becoming popular day by day.

The surgical or traditional methods for under chin treatment are :

  • Sliding genioplasty :

Your doctor will use a medical-grade saw to cut and shape your chin bone, into the decided-upon shape relating to your expectations. This procedure is also known as an osseous genioplasty.

Your doctor will typically recommend this surgical procedure if you happen to suffer from severe retrognathia. In this condition, your chin is too far back or far too forward to match the rest of your face. A sliding genioplasty surgery will definitely correct such a shape.

  • Chin implants :

Chin implants are more popular and permanent in the traditional list of cosmetic chin correction surgeries. Implants are used to correct, enlarge, or push the appearance of the chin into a more symmetric position.

Surgical chin implants involve placing either a plastic or a silicon mound into your under chin portion and adhering it to the bone. The most commonly used implants for this procedure are alloplastic. 

On the other hand, the treatments for Non-surgical under chin treatments are getting rapidly popular every day. People are opting for non-surgical options due to a number of reasons. First, let us see what non-surgical methods you can choose to opt for : 

  • Dermal fillers : 

Dermal fillers like Evolence or Restylane are becoming widely popular for treating a number of cosmetic problems. These can be injected into the targeted area to reshape and contour your under chin. You will get a more subtle-looking appearance. Not to mention that these injections are quicker, safer and more effective than surgical procedures. Injecting dermal fillers are also an outpatient treatment. Improvement in your chin shape will be apparent almost immediately after you get the injections. If any swelling occurs, do not worry for it is very normal and will subside within a week. You can repeat these injection treatments every 12 – 18 months if you wish to maintain the end result.

  • Botox:

Another non-surgical solution for improving your chin shape is to get a botox solution injected into your masseter muscle. The masseter muscle is also commonly responsible for the appearance of a large, prominently shaped chin. Botox injections will weaken this masseter muscle and also shrink it a bit. This procedure takes just 15 minutes on each side of the face. It is also very smooth and effective with no pain and minimal downtime for recovery. Patients will gradually begin to see the effects after a 2 – 3 weeks, with the full effects being visible after 1 month

  • CoolSculpting:

CoolSculpting is a totally non-invasive procedure. It can get rid of the stubborn fat pockets on your lower face, and give your under chin a good shape. This procedure takes just about an hour in an outpatient setting. CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling technology to freeze the fat cells without affecting the skin above, giving you a more prominent chin. CoolSculpting fat sculpting is an FDA-approved procedure.

  • Kybella: 

Kybella injections are the latest rage in the field of under chin treatments. These injections will help you reshape and contour your chin and double chin in just a few sessions. Kybella injections are also approved by the FDA. These injections act as long-term solutions for safely dissolving fat and keeping the fat from coming back. Kybella injections are made from a compound which is naturally produced in our bodies and hence is very safe to be injected on your lower face. Kybella injections are also non-surgical, fast and safe for your cosmetic goals taking about 30 minutes. Most people need about 2 – 4 sessions of this treatment to see complete results. Kybella injections can give you a confidence boost by making you look younger and sharper.

Non-surgical under chin treatments have developed and advanced over the years. Injection formulas have evolved from just wrinkle minimizers to much more effective, non-invasive treatments that give you the features you’ve always dreamed of. That defined chin will take your confidence to the next level. Whether you are in your 20s, wanting to define your face or in your 50’s looking to correct your under chin portion, chin slimming treatments work beautifully for all.

At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors here in Melbourne, we inject safe and risk-free dermal fillers on the area of your under chin to get the desired results. This procedure is safer than its surgical alternatives and has very minimal downtime for recovery. People can go back to their daily lifestyle with just a few precautions right after the procedure. 

Since non-surgical under chin treatments are getting more popular, let us see the reasons why. This will help you decide if a non-surgical under chin treatment or just chin reshaping will work for you :

  • Very low risks – Compared to facing slimming surgical procedures, non-surgical under chin treatment will pose extremely low risks for you.
  • This is a non-invasive procedure – No incisions or cuts will be made on your skin during this treatment
  • Long-lasting effects – The effects of this treatment last 4 – 6 months
  • This treatment can also help with Teeth Grinding, or Bruxism – This treatment relaxes the muscles in your lower face helping a lot to reduce your teeth grinding habit
  • More cost-effective than Surgical alternatives – Surgeries and the aftercare required can definitely put a dent in your pocket much more than this treatment
  • You will see results from the 1st session itself – The results are instantly visible as the treatment is completed. 
  • 2 sessions will give you your desired Jawline – Depending on your skin and muscles, 1 session may be enough for you. If not, the doctor will recommend you another session for your desired results.
  • No irreversible side effects – Side effects mostly include some mild facial discomfort and swelling in the treatment area, which will go away after 24 hours from the time of the procedure
  • This treatment will not hinder your speech or eating habits – Again, some discomfort may be present for a few hours, but you will be able to resume these activities normally
  • This is a painless treatment – You will be prepared with numbing cream on your lower face before the treatment. You will only feel mild discomfort during the procedure.

Still can not decide?

Do not worry, we got you! Our experts at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors will cater individually to cosmetic problems according to your expectations. Get a consultation today!


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Dr Vi Sharma is a renowned and highly trained cosmetic surgeon in Melbourne, practising cosmetic surgery since 2012. He has a worldwide loyal patient base. He has a bachelor of medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery from Monash University. Dr Vi Sharma is a former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice. Along with treating patients, he also provides training for doctors and nurses regarding aesthetic and cosmetic treatment modalities.

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