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Double Chin Removal
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Double Chin Removal Melbourne by Skinclub Cosmetic Doctors

Double Chin Removal

A double chin can be a real detriment to feeling as confident as you can, which can become not just a detriment socially but to your professional life if it bothers you. However, these days this can be treated, and at Aesthetic Studio Clinic, we frequently provide results that give our patients a renewed sense of confidence because looking your best often helps you feel your best.

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All you need to know

All you need to know about Nose Surgery Double Chin

When treating a double chin, we use an innovative approach that takes advantage of an injectable product that assists by dissolving fat in the area, due to TGA regulations we can’t mention the specific names of products we use online. This injectable is applied to the subcutaneous fat in the chin that breaks down fat cells in this area.

During the treatment, your practitioner will begin by thoroughly cleaning your face and other areas surrounding the treatment area. They will then typically mark the target areas, and finally, start a series of injections.

There is no cutting or other surgical intervention involved, and it is a non-invasive treatment that can be performed quickly and efficiently by a skilled practitioner, sometimes taking as little time as twenty minutes.

This is a treatment that works better with a few applications. Many patients will begin to notice a decent visible reduction in the fat content of their chin and an improved chin profile after the second treatment. Depending on the severity of your double chin you may find you need more treatments to get the desired results.

However, once you reach a point which you are happy with the outcome, the results typically last around four years which makes this actually quite convenient for a longer term solution. So once you reach the outcome you are happy with you won’t require further treatment for quite some time.

You will begin to notice a reduction in the fat content of your chin between four to eight weeks after treatment and start to see more definition to your jaw-line with much better contouring.

There is mild discomfort during the injection process, and this is to be expected. To reduce discomfort, we will typically apply a local anaesthetic to the target area to numb the area making the treatment more comfortable as it’s performed.

To understand the full range of potential risks involved with any cosmetic procedure be sure to pay attention as these will be explained during your consultation. All procedures carry some degree of risk, and even when many of the more severe risks are rare, they should be taken into account when making an informed decision to pursue any treatment.

Common side effects can include:

  • Itching of the treatment area
  • Small areas of hardness forming
  • Numbness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Tingling

Sometimes considering cosmetic procedures can be overwhelming if it is not something you have done before, do very often, or are considering a new type of procedure. At Aesthetic Studio Clinic we are not just experienced and well qualified but also very knowledgable about the treatments we provide. We can guide you through all the considerations and assess your desired outcomes and develop a plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, our staff is no stranger to treating double chin removal, and doctors have plenty of experience in treating them and have plenty of ways to do it. Because at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, we know that you should have it done if you’re not happy with the way your chin looks. We offer two different options for double chin removal. The first option is a more traditional method that uses lasers, facial rejuvenation, and filler to treat the problem. The second option involves a new non-invasive technology that uses radiofrequency to target the double chin.

If you consider surgery to remove your double chin, you should know that double chin surgery is quite simple. It starts when the surgeon removes excess skin from one side of your chin, creating a trimmer appearance and minimizing the formation of a double chin. Aside from that, doctors also have their share of non-invasive methods to help with your double chin. This treatment involves injections that can melt and dissolve the fat around your double chin.

Doctors will typically have medical consultations to help see if you are a suitable patient for this treatment. For one, they want you to understand this treatment and all the risks and possibilities that come with it. Next, they want patients in good health and looking to enhance their appearance by reducing the fat on their chin. At the same time, while wanting to improve their appearance, they want them to hold realistic expectations about this treatment.

Doctors remove patients who are not suitable for this treatment during the initial consultation. These people and doctors have medical conditions that can complicate treatments or are pregnant and breastfeeding. Aside from them, doctors are especially critical of those who think of this as an excuse for weight loss. The last thing doctors want you to feel is that you do not need to maintain a healthy lifestyle after this treatment.

If you decide to go through with double chin injections, you may need to get multiple treatments to ensure the results you want. Sometimes you will need as many as six treatments to finish it. However, this treatment and botox or fillers are permanent injections. These double chin injections permanently dissolve the fat around your chin and will not grow back.

You should know about this treatment because it usually requires multiple injections to achieve your desired results. Generally, most people need between two and four injections for their treatment. Doctors charge you by the syringe, so you can expect to pay somewhere around $600-1,200 for the complete treatment at $300 per injection. However, unlike other injectable treatments, the effects here are permanent, and you will not need to get any maintenance shots.

There are no significant differences in how men or women get chin injections, and doctors do not discriminate who gets this treatment by age, race, or gender. You should expect no difference based on gender, but if there are issues, then doctors will inform you about them during your consultation.


Doctors are pretty strict with who can and cannot get this treatment and those who can’t are pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Methods like that do not have FDA approval because many doctors are still fully aware of the possible side effects. In particular, many people are uncertain whether the Kybella will pass through your breastmilk or womb, and if that is the case, it can expose your baby to harmful chemicals.


Most patients report that the injections don’t hurt and will barely feel a thing. After the treatment, you can experience some mild pain, but this usually goes away on its own or with the help of painkillers. However, some people do experience considerable pain after the treatment. Pain is a sign of complications after the treatment, and you should report it to your doctor right away.

At least a month before. Kybella treatment does not work right away, and it takes time to break down the fat cells fully. Sometimes it can take several weeks or even more than a month for the effects to begin kicking in. Because of that, if you are getting this treatment for a special event, then doctors insist you get it much earlier than the event.

Well, it depends on which treatment you get. For example, surgery is invasive, and doctors will make incisions and physically remove the fat from your chin. This procedure is exhausting for both sides and requires a downtime of several weeks. Meanwhile, you have double chin injections that do not require incisions and slowly dissolve the fat over several weeks. This procedure does not require you to take any time off, meaning you can still work and go out while your body adjusts to the treatment.

Yes, your double chin can return even after a treatment like this. The procedure can remove existing fat from your chin, breaking it down so it won’t be as prominent. However, nothing stops new fat from forming in your chin due to poor health. This possibility is why doctors are adamant that you pair this treatment with good lifestyle changes. Nothing keeps excess fat away better than diet and exercise.

Chin sculpting is a non-invasive treatment that uses injections to dissolve fat, and doctors inject them into fat deposits. The chemicals in this injection cause them to break down, which leaves them unable to hold energy that your body absorbs instead without the fat cells much smaller, making your chin appear slimmer.

Like many injectables, chin sculpting injections require more than one shot to get results. Usually, doctors will need two injections for a complete treatment which doubles your treatment cost. Each injection costs around $600 per injection, so the standard two-injection treatment costs $1,200. However, there are also cases where you will need even more treatments which drive up the price.

No. For both treatments, patients agree that it isn’t too painful. In the case of surgery, you will be under anesthesia, so you will not feel anything during the treatment though you can be sore after. There is almost no pain for injections beyond a slight prick on your skin, even after there is little pain.

Yes. Chin injections can work just as well as a neck lift in removing fact, in some cases even better because the results are long-lasting. The chin injections dissolve gone for good and will rarely return. The only difference is that the chin injections take longer to come into effect because the process can be relatively slow.

After double chin treatment, doctors will send you home to rest. However, there is almost no downtime for this treatment which means you can get back to work immediately. Most of the side effects from this treatment are minor such as pain or some slight swelling. Usually, some painkillers are enough for them.

For some people, the pain might be too much for them to deal with on their own. You can make use of regular painkillers from the pharmacy to help. Aside from that, your doctors can write prescriptions for more potent products. Along with that, some doctors suggest icing your face to numb the pain and swelling.

Because here at the Victorian Cosmetic Institute, we pride ourselves on valuing quality over quantity. All the injections we use have been tried and tested to ensure minimal side effects and risks to the patient. Even in the rare cases of complications, our staff has been trained to deal with them.

Double Chin Liposuction is no different than any other type of liposuction. It starts with your doctor massaging the area to break down the fat. From there, doctors will make a small incision to fit a cannula to vacuum up the now liquified fat. They will target stubborn fat deposits that you cannot easily remove with exercise.

Yes. If you compare it to other procedures, it is pretty comfortable. There are few side effects, and none of them are long-term, and most side effects include pain or slight swelling that disappears after a week. None of them seriously hinder your activities at that time either, meaning you can go about your daily life.

About one week. After the doctors remove the fat with the cannula, more can still dissolve as time goes on. At the same time, your body needs to adjust to the treatment’s changes. The procedure causes fat to shift around your chin and balance things out. After a week, your body should finish changing and finally settle.

You can expect chin liposuction to take around 3-4 hours or almost twice as long as traditional liposuction. This extra time is because a double chin typically has more fat than most areas, requiring additional time to address. However, doctors will put you under general anesthesia to not feel anything.

Liposuction does not usually require much treatment beyond some lifestyle changes. Your doctor will generally give you a list of things you cannot do, including things that will affect healing. Things like smoking or alcohol are some examples of blood thinner medications. Beyond just that, you should also take some time off work for the treatment itself and the healing. You can make the recovery process more manageable by adjusting your medication and stocking up on painkillers as well.

Chin liposuction costs around $3,900-4,200. Since the area is rather small and easier to identify, there is less price gap than other treatments. The smaller gap This makes getting an estimate of the price much easier than other forms of liposuction.

You can book your treatment right here on this website. A button at the bottom of the page allows you to book a consultation. Simply click it and fill out the information, and you can meet with one of our doctors who can help get you this treatment.

Yes, this treatment has FDA approval and is the only chin dissolving injection they deem safe for public use. While there are side effects, these are generally relatively mild and do not usually cause any serious issues, and those that do are easily treatable. Since this is an injectable treatment, you do not need to worry about infections.

Generally speaking, the results of double chin treatments are permanent. Once the fat is gone from your chin, it very rarely ever comes back. However, new fat can form resulting from poor health, so you should take care of yourself. Aside from that, there isn’t anything to worry about this treatment.

Most of these treatments, such as surgery and liposuction, only require a single treatment to reduce your fat. However, injectables usually need multiple sessions to get the effects you want. For injections, it can depend on how well your body responds to them, though on average most customers need around 2-4 injections.

There is always a chance to regain weight after the Kybella treatment. While the injection can remove existing fat, it does nothing to stop new fat from forming. These usually appear if you do not take care of your body, so while you may get a new treatment, you also need to make some lifestyle choices.

Yes. It is getting more and more common for men to get chin injections. Although many people prefer diet and exercise to burn excess fat, this is not always possible. Some parts of your body have no exercises to burn off fat, including your chin. A lack of training leaves large deposits of fat around your chin that many men want to get rid of, and that is why they turn to Kybelka.

Yes. Women make up the majority of patients who want Kybella injections. Everyone wants to remove a double chin, but no one wants to have scars. That is why women chose to get injections to achieve the results without sacrificing their skin.

Almost right away, actually. The thing that makes injections so good is that there is no downtime, and why should there be? Besides just a few chemicals, you do not make any significant alterations to your body. You can expect to be back to work by the next day or a few days after at the latest. While you might not do anything physical like sports and exercise, everything else is easy to do.

Kybella is an injection that doctors inject to fat deposits in your chin. The Kybella uses different chemicals that break down the walls of fat cells, rendering them unable to retain the fat in them. The injection causes them to slowly shrink as your body absorbs the stores and converts them to energy. This process is relatively slow but can lead to a 20-30% reduction in fat.

Both these treatments merit what they can do for you, and which one better boils down to preference. You should go for Chin liposuction if you need more immediate and dramatic results. As an invasive treatment, it can go straight to the heart of the issue and deal with it, letting you enjoy the results within a week. Kybella is better if you do not want to deal with any downtime or scars. This procedure gradually causes your fat to dissolve, taking several weeks or even months.

A double chin commonly comes from excess fat around your neck. When you gain weight, your body tries to distribute it all over your body, including around your neck. Unfortunately, losing weight is not the same, and some areas are left with more fat than others. Since your neck is not an area that receives a lot of exercise, it is prone to dealing with excess fat. Aside from that, other issues that can contribute to this issue include poor posture, aging, and genetics.

Usually, diet and exercise should be your first idea to remove a double chin. Unfortunately, the treatment location means that you cannot efficiently work off the fat with exercise. Without exercise, this means your next best option is for a double chin removal treatment. Your doctor can use different medical procedures to burn or remove the excess fat so it no longer gets in the way.

Well, aside from just removing the excess fat, the significant benefit from this treatment is a healthier look for your body. While a bit of fat is good, sometimes it can be a bit much, especially when burning some off. In the case of your chin, it can be an issue when fat deposits gather there and leave you looking disproportional.

Double chin reduction is a procedure that aims to reduce the appearance of a double chin in your face through various medical procedures. These can range from surgery, liposuction, and injections that aim to burn and dissolve the fat cells in your chin and create a smaller profile.


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