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Everything you need to know about PDO thread lift

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

What is the first thing we notice upon meeting someone for the very first time? It has to be their face! Similarly, people also notice your face when you meet them. Your first impression always depends on your total outlook and the confidence with which you carry yourself. 

Factors such as age, stress, weight gain, weight loss and other lifestyle habits, can make your face look tired, dull and aged. You may have lost some of that confidence of yours. The solution may be easier than you think. Consult our experts here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors for a solution to all your beauty problems.

Upon Consultation, the doctors may ask you to consider getting a Facelift at this point. A facelift surgery will improve the tightness of your facial skin. With age, the muscles in your skin lose their elasticity and as a result, parts of your face start to wrinkle and sag along your face and neck. Thus, a successful facelift surgery will improve the appearance of your skin, giving you a much more fresh and youthful look.

Non-surgical PDO thread lifts are getting more and more popular every day. PDO threads are one of three types of threads commonly used to suture and subtly lift your facial features. The two other types of threads used are PLA threads and PCA threads. These two threads are relatively newer than the PDO threads. PDO threads have been in effective use for quite a long time. PDO threads are better at repositing and revitalising your facial tissue while PLA and PCA threads are better at lifting the loose and sagging parts of your skin.

These threads are made of a protein polymer called Polydioxanone. PDO threads dissolve in your skin with time. These threads relax your tendons and improve blood circulation, boosting collagen production in your skin. This gives you a more youthful look. These threads are also FDA-approved and used very widely today.

PDO threads have been in the run long enough to be called safe and almost completely risk-free. At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, you will notice the result of your PDO thread lift treatment almost immediately after the procedure. After about 10 – 14 days of the procedure, the protein in the PDO thread starts breaking down naturally. Over the coming weeks, you will see the results continue to improve, peaking at about 6 months. 

The effects of this treatment can last for up to 2 years depending on your lifestyle, and your own body’s collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production, which are essential to maintain the elasticity and brightness of the skin. Hence, a PDO facelift can be a very long-lasting treatment. The PDO threads by themselves are completely biodegradable and will dissolve within around 12 weeks, after which new collagen has started forming around the thread and continue to provide steady results. 

PDO threads are good at maintaining a healthy and smooth texture of the treated skin giving you the confidence boost you need to face the world. With very less risk involved and no required downtime or strenuous aftercare required post-treatment, PDO thread lifts provide much more benefits than other surgical procedures.

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About Dr Vi

Dr Vi Sharma is a renowned and highly trained cosmetic surgeon in Melbourne, practising cosmetic surgery since 2012. He has a worldwide loyal patient base. He has a bachelor of medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery from Monash University. Dr Vi Sharma is a former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice. Along with treating patients, he also provides training for doctors and nurses regarding aesthetic and cosmetic treatment modalities.

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