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Excessive Sweating Treatment Toorak

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

Some people tend to suffer from excessive sweating. This is true even if they limit their movement. Hyperhidrosis is the condition that causes this symptom. Other doctors refer to this as polyhidrosis or sudorrhea. For some, this only occurs on one part of their body such as the underarms. Others experience excessive sweating on their entire body. We, at SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors, provide the best Toorak excessive sweating treatment to our patients. Thus, you will have the means to address this certain condition.

Hyperhidrosis in Brief

Some of the areas where you may notice excessive sweating include your hands, feet, armpits, or even your groin area. These areas have the most sweat glands which is why sweating can become apparent here. If the sweating is localised in a certain area, you may be suffering from focal hyperhidrosis. On the other hand, if sweating affects your entire body, then you have a condition called generalised hyperhidrosis.

For some people, excessive sweating has been a problem all their life. For others, it may only manifest later in their life. Nevertheless, the most common cases of hyperhidrosis tend to begin during the adolescent years. Some people may have an underlying medical condition. This can cause excessive sweating. However, for others, there appears to be no specific reason. In terms of the former, their condition is referred to as secondary hyperhidrosis. On the other hand, the latter is known as primary idiopathic hyperhidrosis.

Possible Treatments

You no longer have to worry in case you are suffering from excessive sweating. Several treatments can already help you with your condition. For instance, you can rely on the excessive sweating treatments available in our Toorak clinic. In this case, several anti-wrinkle injections are administered into the affected area. The substance injected will serve as a temporary block preventing your nerve signals to reach your sweat glands. As a result, the amount of sweat that your body will tend to release will be significantly reduced.

Home Remedies

There are also various home remedies that you can try to help address your excessive sweating condition. For instance, make it a habit to apply antiperspirant. As much as possible, you should go for antiperspirant products that contain aluminium chloride. These can effectively plug your sweat glands. On the contrary, steer clear from normal deodorants though because these won’t make a good job in stopping the sweating.

You can also use armpit shields or pads. These are usually worn in your underarms. These are designed to protect your clothes from being drenched in sweat. When it comes to your clothing, always opt for loose clothing. As much as possible, steer clear of certain synthetic fibres that may worsen your symptoms. If you experience excessive sweating on your feet as well, then choose shoes and socks made of natural and breathable materials too.

Unfortunately, sometimes none of these home remedies prove to be effective in being able to control your excessive sweating. During these instances, maybe it is time for you to opt for medical treatments. Rest assured that excessive sweating treatments can bring wonderful results. Perhaps it is time to book a consultation with us.

Best Toorak Excessive Sweating Treatment

We strive to offer the best excessive sweating treatment to patients in Toorak. Our goal is to see people have enhanced self-esteem because they never have to worry about sweaty underarms even with the slightest movement.

Rest assured that we at SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors provide the best excessive sweating treatment Toorak clients cannot stop talking about. This is because they get to enjoy lasting results from our procedures.

Advanced Toorak Excessive Sweating Treatment Techniques

We take pride in offering treatments that are incorporated with the most advanced techniques. This is to ensure that your excessive sweating treatments are effective. You are in safe hands with our Australian-trained cosmetic doctors. They use state-of-the-art and innovative equipment in our Toorak clinic.

Friendly Doctors

The good news? All our doctors are seasoned and well-versed with the application of excessive sweating treatments. They are all friendly and approachable as well. All of us are ready to work with you from the time you set foot in our clinic for an initial consultation or get in touch with us via digital channels up to your recovery.

Spend just about half an hour in our SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors Toorak clinic. Soon after, you will already be able to feel more confident about yourself.


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Dr Vi Sharma is a renowned and highly trained cosmetic surgeon in Melbourne, practising cosmetic surgery since 2012. He has a worldwide loyal patient base. He has a bachelor of medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery from Monash University. Dr Vi Sharma is a former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice. Along with treating patients, he also provides training for doctors and nurses regarding aesthetic and cosmetic treatment modalities.

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