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SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors offers the finest services for Facial Slimming in Melbourne . Our experienced cosmetic doctors offer personalized treatments to clients in our Melbourne clinical studios.



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Facial Slimming (Mamma) by Skinclub Cosmetic Doctors

Facial Slimming Melbourne

Facial Slimming

With cosmetic surgery being all the rage now, there is no wonder how facial slimming has quickly climbed up the ladder for being one of the most sought-after procedures. If you’ve ever considered undergoing the treatment, it pays to be well-informed of what you’re getting to set your expectations right and make sure you’ll make the most of it.

You might have been wondering what facial slimming is, how is it done, how long does it last, and would it help you in more ways than one? Being a popular procedure means you can get it from almost everywhere, but that’s where you should be wary. Choosing where to get it is just as crucial as to whether or not you should get it.

Try our jaw slimming in Melbourne for the best facial slimming that you have been dreaming of.

At SKIN CLUB – Cosmetic Doctors you can have confidence in the Cosmetic Doctor Difference. This means that our cosmetic procedures are all administered by expert cosmetic doctors who use only the highest quality products and latest technology. To us, each patient is an individual, with unique concerns and goals, and our tailored consultation, treatments and aftercare reflect this. See our SKIN CLUB Journey below, to find out more.

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All you need to know about
SKIN CLUB Facial Slimming

It is best to choose a clinic where you know you’ll be taken care of properly. Before ever booking for a cosmetic procedure, it’s imperative that one undergoes a consultation to know everything there is to know about the treatment and what to expect. That way, you and your doctor can align your goals to how the treatment would be done.

Read on to know more about our Melbourne jaw slimming and determine if it’s the right procedure for your aesthetic goals.

Facial slimming is a non-surgical procedure that contours the face and slims the jawline using injections that forcefully relax the facial muscle. It was first popularised by Korean celebrities and was quickly adopted by Western countries. Today, both men and women are lining up to have slimmer and younger looking faces made possible by this quick and effective cosmetic treatment.

The treatment uses a few anti wrinkle injections which help relax the jaw muscles, resulting in a slimmer face. Although facial slimming only targets the lower face, the treatment also gives a newer look that is not as noticeable, making the change as subtle as one would prefer.

Muscle relaxants used in the slimming procedure reduce the amount of masseter muscles, which causes a wider face. This is also why facial slimming treatments are also called masseter botox.

Anti Wrinkle Injection in masseter muscles lasts for only one month. This happens so because we don’t want the results to be too drastic, which would only make it undesirable. Jawline slimming does not use too many jaw botox injections to keep the changes as subtle as possible.

When it comes to treatments for the face, it is best to look at the results instead of just focusing on how it lasts. Anti-wrinkle procedures are best done gradually–little by little–for the results to be as natural-looking as possible. Most people undergoing these treatments prioritise the results more than the longevity, although the two are related in some way.

Facial slimming treatments are known to have great results to make your face look slimmer. Although it is obviously not a weight loss solution and does not affect the amount of fat you have on your face, it forces your facial muscles to relax a little. When you facial muscle relaxes, it creates a narrower form and makes your face naturally slimmer.

This facial slimming treatment works to give you a more youthful look by forcing your masseter muscles to relax. Using a small amount of anti wrinkle injections and pairing it with the use of dermal filler to create the illusion of a V-shaped face, this procedure takes not more than 30 minutes. Despite the results not able to last over 30 days, follow up facial slimming treatments will make it more effective and will need you to have the anti wrinkle injections less frequently.

Injections act as muscle relaxants which help reduce puffy cheeks and even decrease the risks of teeth grinding and jaw pain.

Yes, it can! Both teeth grinding and headaches are reduced with this treatment. What happens is when the muscle in your face is relaxed, the tensions are less and the risks for jaw locks and pain are significantly reduced. In the same way, relaxed facial muscle also helps slim your cheeks for a nicer appearance.

There may be slight discomfort, which is only natural, but it is not as painful as you may think it is. The procedure requires around four to five deep injections, all of which aims to relax the muscle on your face, but would not cause major pain. If you have sensitive skin, you may expect some swelling and redness, although they will likely subside in less than 24 hours. Most patients would say that the procedure itself feels like ant bites and is tolerable.

Yes, they do! The anti wrinkle injections used in this procedure have long been proven to be very effective in slimming your cheeks and tightening your pores. It comes as no surprise how quickly this slimming treatment topped the list of being the among the popular cosmetic treatments today.

It is non-invasive and requires no downtime, but is really effective. Together with the use of dermal fillers, the jawline slimming injection helps sculpt a face into a slimmer and a more youthful look. To keep the jaw from looking too contoured, dermal fillers are used for the cheeks and chin. This keeps the appearance close to its natural form, and looks as if it was only enhanced. The end result of this slimming treatment is a more feminine look.

Apart from slimming the face through anti-wrinkle injections, this procedure also helps stop the habit of teeth grinding. Apparently, a slimmer jawline relaxes the masseter muscle, which reduces the tendency of teeth grinding. In the same way, as the masseter muscle relaxes, it also helps alleviate jaw pain, also referred to as bruxism. Having said that, facial slimming remains to be seen as a cosmetic procedure despite it helping alleviate chronic pains as the ones mentioned.

Facial slimming treatments use botox injections and dermal fillers to intentionally relax the facial muscle. When relaxes, this reduces the amount of masseter muscle found in the lower area of the face. The bulk of the said muscle is what makes the face look wider, thus the need for a slimming procedure. The use of dermal filler acts as a balance to keep the face looking as much as the natural form, only younger and slimmer. With relaxed muscles on the lower facial area and a sculpted chin, your face will look slimmer but still so natural.

The desirable result of this cosmetic procedure is a slimmer, younger-looking face. When done well, the face will have a V-shaped form and contoured cheeks. To make it even more natural-looking, skilled cosmetic doctors use dermal fillers to balance the look even better. A well-done treatment looks natural, without the hint of any botox injection which usually looks too tight.

To achieve this, one must go to a licensed beauty clinic with experienced and licensed cosmetic doctors who are knowledgeable in the use of dermal filler, facial area treatments, muscle relaxants, and anti wrinkle injections.

At SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors, we make sure to ask our patient’s medical history and know what their goals are to make sure their treatments are suitable for their aesthetic goals. We highly recommend consulting your doctor before getting anything done, just so you can set your expectations on the effects as well as on the aftercare treatment.

With our jaw slimming in Melbourne, you are sure to get the facial contour and appearance that you desire.

An oval jawline is considered to be feminine and beautiful in many cultures. However, overactivity of the chewing muscles can enlarge the jawline giving a more square and masculine profile.

We unknowingly contribute to this, unaware that the overlarge chewing muscles create excessive fat or a saggy jawline. Various non-invasive and laser techniques can slim the face with far less downtime than traditional maxillary surgery. The result is a slimmer, sharper, and more pleasing jawline.

In recent years, jaw slimming has become increasingly popular in some cultures, with many people seeing a V-shaped or heart-shaped face as highly desirable. Gone are the days when wider face angles symbolised prosperity and abundance. Today, V-shaped faces, slimmer faces, are more feminine and, therefore, more attractive.

Over time, our face shape changes gradually become wider at the bottom than at the top. In some cases, it is a change led by age, but in others, it is due to strong, bulky chewing muscles on both sides of the lower face. It is possible to slim a widened jawline using injectable cosmetic treatments.

With the use of Anti Wrinkle Injection injections to the lower part of the face, the jawline appears slimmer and thinner, which then contributes to an overall V-shaped face. These anti-wrinkle injections are paired with dermal fillers to keep a balanced look and avoid overdoing the contours.

To achieve a slimmer face, injections are done on the masseter muscles, also known as chewing muscles. The bulk of masseter muscles is what makes our faces wider and bigger. This happens as we chew, or develop the habit of teeth grinding. Forceful chewing and teeth grinding add to the bulk of masseter muscles, which is treated by the procedure.

The temporalis muscle, which is felt over the temples when clenching the jaw, is another target for anti-wrinkle injections or muscle relaxing injections. The temporalis muscle works in conjunction with the masseter muscles to help with chewing and closing the jaw. Although treatment of the temporalis muscle is less commonly sought after for cosmetic purposes, treatment with muscle relaxing injections can help reduce headaches caused by excess tension in this muscle.

No, it doesn’t. In fact, jaw slimming injections are the least painful injections of all the treatments. It feels like a small sting when you have an injection. More like ant bites, jawline botox injections do not cause as much as the more invasive procedures. In the same way, this non-surgical treatment does not require downtime. If your skin is on the sensitive side, you may experience a little swelling and redness, although these happen very rarely. If they ever do, you can expect them to dissipate in less than 24 hours.


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Our doctors have formulated a process to ensure their patient’s safety is the first concern and exceed their expectations.

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Your treatment journey begins with a detailed consultation where the cosmetic doctor performs an in-depth medical examination where you can discuss your concerns and areas you would like to improve. This is a chance for our cosmetic doctors to determine the clients’ wishes and design the perfect treatment plan.
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On your Treatment Day, you will be greeted by our warm and friendly staff who will make you feel totally at ease. Before treatment, our patients are adhered with a numbing solution or local anaesthetic to ensure the treatment is comfortable and painless. The doctor will make sure you feel safe throughout your entire procedure and love your final results.
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After every procedure, our specialised doctors will provide you with specific instructions and guidelines for post-treatment care. Aftercare is crucial to the health and safety of each patient as well as determining the best outcome of your results.
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In the initial consultation, our doctor’s discussions are private and confidential with you. Furthermore, their aesthetic plan for treatment is also unique to you and their aesthetic sense. All costs are discussed initially verbally in the initial consultation and then a written estimate will be provided for your treatment plan.
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Here at SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors review appointments are a vital part of your treatment post-care. SKIN CLUB offers complimentary review appointments at 7 days and 3 months post-treatment. If you require immediate attention an emergency review appointment will also be scheduled free of charge.