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Facts About Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is the process of restoring breast volume following mastectomy, or another surgical breast removal. It is a complex procedure, in which they transfer from your body and uses somewhere else. If you have a loved one has undergone breast reconstruction surgery and needs answers, then look no further. This blog is all about facts, and we list facts about breast reconstruction, and we detail facts about what you can expect after your surgery.

Some Facts About Breast Reconstruction 

You Might be Able to Breastfeed

For those of you who want to be mothers or have infants, breast removal can seem like the end of the world since you can no longer breastfeed. This should be an important fact for them before breast reconstruction. However, that is not necessarily true and you might still be able to breastfeed with proper breast and nipple reconstruction. More than just looking good, the purpose of these is to restore the function and appearance of your breasts. This means it can be possible for them to restore the function of your milk ducts.

If this is a concern you might have, be sure to explain this to your doctor. This can allow them to take extra care when restoring your breasts and nipples. This also might mean avoiding implants because one side effect of these is that they might block the flow of breast milk. 

You May Need Multiple Treatments

The fact is that breast reconstruction Melbourne is a long process that you should not rush. This means understanding that you can require more than one treatment to get the best results. People think that all you need to do is insert the replacement breast and you are good to go, but that simply isn’t true. Even after the replacement tissue is in, the doctors will need to shape and adjust it so it properly looks like a breast. This can take more than one treatment to do.

This is not even considering the possibility that the results are not satisfying. The fact is that many people often choose to have multiple treatments for breast reconstruction to ensure results. If you do not like the results of your treatment your doctor can provide a follow-up treatment to make all the appropriate adjustments. 

With the case of implants, while they can last for over a decade, these are in the best conditions. There is always a possibility that implants can break or rupture before that so doctors need to constantly monitor their condition to see if they are holding.

Your Insurance can Cover it

With cosmetic treatments, one of the hardest parts is getting coverage for them. There are many cases where insurance companies will not help cover them due to being cosmetic treatments. At first glance, breast reconstruction could be one of those treatments, the actual process is no different than fat transfer or breast augmentation. What is different is the circumstances.

Fun fact, in many places, breast reconstruction is seen as a part of breast cancer treatment. This means insurance plans are much more likely to provide some coverage for it and share the expenses. This means if money is what’s bothering you, then you can rest easy knowing that you can be covered y things like medicare. For many this is relieving news as breast reconstruction can cost as much as $30,000.

You Don’t Need All the Treatments

When you get breast reconstruction, seeing all the work they need to do to finish the process can seem daunting. After all, no one is keen on going through another surgery right after breast removal. However, you should know that while all these options are available, they are not required. An interesting fact is that not all are necessary for breast reconstruction.

In particular, the whole nipple treatment is not something that is necessary. It can make it look more pleasing and allow for breastfeeding if you want children. However, if neither issue is important to you, then you can let your surgeon know. It is like we said, this treatment is built around your needs and wants so they will listen to you.