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Fat Transfer
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Fat Transfer Melbourne

Fat Transfer

What is fat transfer?

This is a clinical procedure of transferring fat from one part of the body with a good source of fat stores to another part of the body where volume is needed. In most cases, fat transfer is considered a cosmetic treatment to enhance the shape and size of a body structure. However, there are some instances when fat transfer is used for medical purposes.

Fat transfer is a surgical procedure that uses a patient’s fat to enhance a body part like the breast, buttocks, facial structures and hands. The entire treatment comprises multiple procedures or stages completed to achieve the desired results.

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All you need to know

All you need to know about
Fat Transfer

Fat transfer was first known as fat grafting way back late 1800’s when Gustav Neuber transferred fat stores from the arms to the eye area. It was a case of enhancing a scar that resulted from a bone infection.

The second recorded case for fat grafting was performed by Dr Viktor Czerny as a breast augmentation procedure to establish symmetry. However, this clinical procedure was frowned upon because of inconsistent quality which yielded poor results.

It was not until the 1990’s when standardized systems for fat extraction, purification, and reinjection were established and published by Dr Sydney Coleman. Since then, fat transfer has gained popularity for medical and cosmetic purposes.

In general fat grafting is performed by a surgeon and it is typically conducted in an accredited outpatient surgery hospital or clinical facility. The surgeon may either be a licensed general or plastic surgeon as he or she is highly trained and skilled to perform the multiple procedures that consist of the treatment.

In essence, fat transfer is most ideal for adding mass or restoring lost volume to different parts of the body. Although initially, this procedure is intended to be medical in nature, it has proven its reliability in cosmetic treatments as well.

Here are some of the most prevalent applications when fat transfer is ideal:


One of the most common procedures of fat transfer is breast augmentation. This includes breast enlargement and symmetry correction. For medical purposes, fat transfer is most ideal for repairing damaged breast tissue resulting from breast implant capsular contractures.

Fat transfer can also be useful for improving breast deformities or scar accumulation. Scars or deformities may form after a lumpectomy or breast reconstruction procedures. In which case, fat transfer can help reduce signs of deformities and scarring.


This body structure is most often than not the donor or donee of fat cells that are used for fat transfer procedures. Brazilian butt lift is a common procedure for fat transfer. This is ideal for patients who wish to augment the size and shape of their buttocks. It gives the buttocks a perkier appearance.


Fat transfer for the face is similar to dermal filler treatments. When a facial structure tends to recede due to ageing or when it is affected because of an injury or accident, fillers can help restore lost mass and deformed shape.

Similarly, autologous fat transfer can be used as facial fillers. It does not only restore volume but also enhances the texture of the skin. The use of fat is best for hollowing tear troughs and deepening nasolabial folds.

It can be used to diminish scarring from previous surgery or acne outbursts. Fat transfer is also ideal for patients who intend to make their cheekbones more pronounced.


Fat transfer for the hips is primarily for enhancing their shape and size to create a sexier silhouette. By doing so, it can create a good chest, waist and hip proportion. Thus, this is mostly a cosmetic procedure.


Primarily, fat transfer for the hands is used to alleviate their bony or veiny structure, especially for ageing hands. It can also help reduce wrinkly hands or add volume to their loosened skin.


Similar to hands, it helps combat ageing feet appearance. Fat transfer acts as foot padding for its bony structure.

This is a breast enlargement technique that involves the use of body fat as a grafting material. It is s plastic surgery procedure that aims to enhance the size and shape of the breasts.

The breasts are one of the salient points in the female body. It gives a distinct and unique silhouette to a woman’s figure. Thus, if you feel like your breasts lack that feminine profile, breast augmentation can help boost them.

Generally, lifestyle, weight, nutritional intake, health, mental state, and other factors may be considered to know if you are suitable for a breast augmentation or enlargement procedure.

Before undergoing breast enlargement, you should consider a variety of factors including the following:

  • You should be in outstanding overall health condition;
  • When your breasts are modestly sized;
  • The increase you desire is proportionately viable to your body; and
  • There are enough fat stores from the part of your body where it is to be extracted.

Breast augmentation or enlargement is a delicate procedure that requires the expertise of a breast specialist, plastic surgeon or cosmetic doctor. It is best to consult your specialist, plastic surgeon or trusted cosmetic doctor in Melbourne, Australia for a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis.

Your plastic surgeon will evaluate the condition of your breasts to gauge the amount of fat needed for the outcome you desire. Your surgeon will also evaluate the donor site where fat will be extracted. During this time, your plastic surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate for a breast enlargement procedure.

The fat transfer procedure requires 3 major stages.

Fat Extraction

During this stage, extraction points from the donor area are marked for fat harvesting. Incisions are made on the extractions points and cannulas are inserted therein. Extraction is made with a liposuction device connected to the other end of the cannula.

Good donor sites are typically the body parts with excess fat stores. This may include the abdomen, stomach, buttocks, hips, thighs, upper arms and upper legs.

Fat Purification

When the right amount of body fat is harvested, it will undergo a purification process. During this stage, toxins and other impurities in the fat cells are removed from the extracted fat. After about a few minutes of fat purification, the treatment site will be prepared.

Fat Reinjection

When the autologous fat is ready, it will be injected into the appropriate injection sites on the body. Fine cannulas or hypodermic needles are used for this stage of the procedure.

The amount of fat to be harvested for breast surgery vary from patient to patient. However, in most cases, the amount should be about 3 times the needed amount. This includes the amount that will be displaced after the purification process. It also includes the amount that will gradually integrate with the body tissues in the treatment site.

In essence, breast implants are one of the many techniques for breast augmentation. However, unlike fat grafting, breast implants involve the use of synthetic medical grade materials inserted under the muscles of the breasts.

Opting for fat transfer or fat grafting involves both pros and cons just like any other treatment.

Here are the benefits of fat transfer treatments:

  • Performed by a licensed specialist, plastic surgeon or doctor;
  • Risks and complications are rare as transferred fat used is your own;
  • The grafting material is natural which your body tissue can work well with;
  • It has been proven safe and reliable;
  • Helps increase the blood supply in the treated area because of the process of fat absorption by the bloodstreams; and
  • Enhances the appearance and texture of the skin on the treated area.

Just like any other treatment, you must remember that invasive surgery carries risks. However, these risks and complications vary per patient.

Using your own fat, risks and complications are minimized. In most cases, downtimes are only involved during the first phase of the recovery period. Since your own fats are used during the procedure, it is unlikely that your body tissues will reject it during the grafting process.

After the treatment, however, you may experience some mild pain, bruising and swelling, especially at the extraction and injection sites.

Generally, you may expect breast enlargement using your own fat. However, as the circumstances for every patient vary significantly, results may also vary in every plastic surgery. Just like any other situation, a patient’s breasts may be impacted by a variety of circumstances and can vary in treatment needs.

Although the first thing that comes to mind when you hear plastic surgery for the breasts is breast augmentation, other patients may also undergo breast reduction and is still considered plastic surgery. Thus, results vary depending on your needs.

Fat transfer is no ordinary treatment and it carries risks, be sure to undergo proper consultation from your trusted Melbourne surgeons or doctors before the procedure. Consultations include medical advice that can help you make the right decision in getting the treatment.

Understandably, plastic surgery is a sensitive matter for some people. Thus, a consultation will constitute a doctor-patient confidentiality clause that will guarantee your safety and ease of mind. This is usually discussed with the patient in detail during a consultation.

An initial consultation also includes the assessment of the body structure for fat extraction as well as the treatment site. After the assessment, a diagnosis will be provided to the patient. Plastic surgeons will explain how fat transfer can help you with your condition and if your expected results are viable.

During the consultation, your surgeon will also discuss with you how the procedure will be performed, the use of licensed stock photography, doctor-patient relationship, surgery risks and complications and other circumstances that may affect the procedure. All these details are covered in detail during your consultation.

In most cases, the photograph(s) or image(s) used for clinical or surgical references bear the copyright signal and surgeon’s name or group. It involves a photography disclaimer unless our photograph bears the name they are licensed to use.

Would you like us to schedule you for a fat transfer consultation?

Please contact us by phone or patients may fill out the enquiry form on this page. Kindly include your first name, last name, email address and contact number so we can get back to you the soonest.

If you are hesitant to go through a fat transfer procedure, it may be best to research before proceeding with it. However, patients should remember that results can vary. Thus, what you see on the internet may have a different result on actual patients.

This is the reason why it is always best to visit your trusted doctor or surgeon in Melbourne for a comprehensive consultation, assessment and diagnosis.

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