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Hair Transplant Treatment
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Hair Transplant Treatment By SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors

Hair Transplant Melbourne

Hair Transplant Treatment

If there is one thing that all men fear as they get older it is hair loss. Once it is gone there is no going back and you will have to completely reinvent yourself to adjust to the new look. However, the sad part is that it is not limited to older people though. Even people as young as their 20s may experience hair loss in some form.

However, this is where cosmetic surgery comes in as this can help slow down and even reverse the process. One of the many treatments offered is a Melbourne hair transplant that can leave you with a full head of hair once again.

Causes for Hair Loss

Many people today find that they have lost their hair due to a variety of reasons, including lack of hair such as genetics, illness, or other factors. While many have tried to find a cure for their hair, there are those who have been successful in getting a hair transplant as a permanent solution.


Probably the most common cause for losing your hair amongst people is due to age. As we get older, our follicles like the rest of our body begin to wear down and lose the strength they once had. When this happens, we simply can no longer keep up with it. The cells on our hair die out, stopping hair growth and leaving our hair to gradually thin out.


Another possibility though much less common is through sickness. This is either because the sickness itself affects your hair follicles and causes them to wear out faster or because treatment requires you to shave your head. The most common cause of this is cancer and chemotherapy.


Another reason people lose their hair is genetics. There are genes for baldness that can be passed down among family members. When this happens, it just means you are more likely to lose your hair faster or earlier than others.

Stress and Poor Management

Another factor in your hair is how much stress you go through. Many people who deal with constant stress will find that their hair falls out much faster. The same is true for people who don’t take proper care of their hair. This can be by putting too many hair products on your scalp which can contain harmful chemicals.

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All you need to know

All you need to know about
Hair Transplant Treatment by SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors

Hair Transplant Surgery


Any Melbourne hair transplant starts with a medical consultation in the clinic. Here we have the patient meet with the surgeons who will discuss the whole process. They will first ask about what area you want to fix and will check for its feasibility. They will then explain the different hair transplants options you have and which one is most feasible.

Hair Transplant Procedure

As the name suggests, the hair transplant Melbourne procedure aims to restore hair density to the scalp by transferring hair towards it. As the hair strands are moved from one area to another, it is necessary to have a major hair transplant to fully restore the scalp. In some cases, the procedure is performed as a stand-alone procedure, as it is as effective as a surgical hair restoration procedure.

Although we have different types of hair transplant, the general idea is still the same in that they take hair seeds from one part of your body and transfer it to another. Hair transplantation can give options where they get hair. Use different hair transplant techniques either from your arms, chest, or even another part of your scalp.

These procedures are surgical and require a team of surgeons to make an incision on their patients for this to work. However, the procedure here is guaranteed to be more successful with better results.

After Surgery

When you go home after the operation you will be feeling rather numb and weak, this is something many patients experience. You will be wearing bandages around your head for a few days and most clinics give you anti-inflammatory and antibiotics while you recover. You should be able to return to work in the next few days though.

The transplanted hair will fall out soon after but don’t worry as that’s natural. In its place, new hair will start to grow.

There is more than one type of hair transplant procedure available to you and all of these work in different ways by using different hair transplantation techniques. You will need to know about them to figure out which is best for you, thankfully you can learn about it in your consultation.

Fue Hair Transplant

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a type of hair transplant technique that involves moving the hair follicles on your body to parts where they are thinning or lacking. This is becoming a very popular form of hair transplant surgery that has come to rival follicular unit transplantation. This is also a form of hair replacement. The hair after this procedure can look natural and is easier to hide.

FUT-Follicular Unit Transplantation

This is another type of hair transplant and one of the most common. This involves your hair transplant surgeon making an incision strip in your scalp to get some hair follicles. From there they will divide up the hair cells and move them to bald areas in your head. The hair does not need to come from you necessarily as they can also get this from a donor and make the incision in the donor area. However, the downside with this treatment is that it leaves visible scarring on your scalp after the fact. Because this hair transplant gets it from the head, the focus is just making it less visible.

DHI- Direct Hair Implantation Procedure

Similar to the FUT, this treatment makes use of hair grafts and works to give a hair transplant by transferring follicles from one part of you or your donor area to another. They can retrieve the grafts either from you or a donor. However the difference is with this treatment is that it is more precise, allowing them to retrieve hair from a smaller area and reducing the visibility of scars while giving better results.

Technically speaking, anyone with an issue with losing their hair can apply for this procedure, though unsurprisingly the majority of those who apply are men. However, there is also a fair share of women who apply for a session of Melbourne hair transplant.

Regardless of is men or women though one thing that they should be willing to accept is the possibility of scaring. All the hair treatments whether Fut, Fue, or DHi involve removing hair, usually with a graft or strip. This is almost guaranteed to leave a mark.

Aside from that, they must consider the possibility of losing hairs in other hairs in other parts of their body for the grafts, especially if they go with the FUE procedure. Taking it from your body can make it more private and involve fewer people. This makes the procedures more popular with men and women.

Compared to other cosmetic procedures, hair transplants have a much more variable cost. In Australia, different clinics charge different prices for their procedures such as FUT, FUE, or DHI so going to Syndey and Melbourne would have widely different costs. It all depends on how many grafts you need for this treatment.

For example, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique would cost $12 to $8, per graft. While that seems cheap, you never only need one graft for a hair transplant and could require hundreds if not thousands to get the job done.

Some clinics in Australia can also alter the amount depending on how many grafts you get in bulk. For example, a FUT in Sydney costs $10,000 for 2000 grafts while $3,000 for 500 grafts. Meanwhile, in a Melbourne clinic, the price is much higher for hair restoration at $14,000 for 2,000 grafts and $6,000 for 600 grafts.

In Sydney and Melbourne, DHI hair transplants have a more fixed cost with pricing starting at $4900 but can go up depending on how much work you need.


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Our doctors have formulated a process to ensure their patient’s safety is the first concern and exceed their expectations.

Step - 1

Start your journey with a consultation

Your treatment journey begins with a detailed consultation where the cosmetic doctor performs an in-depth medical examination where you can discuss your concerns and areas you would like to improve. This is a chance for our cosmetic doctors to determine the clients’ wishes and design the perfect treatment plan.
Step - 2

Select a date for your treatment

On your Treatment Day, you will be greeted by our warm and friendly staff who will make you feel totally at ease. Before treatment, our patients are adhered with a numbing solution or local anaesthetic to ensure the treatment is comfortable and painless. The doctor will make sure you feel safe throughout your entire procedure and love your final results.
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Follow the Guiedlines

After every procedure, our specialised doctors will provide you with specific instructions and guidelines for post-treatment care. Aftercare is crucial to the health and safety of each patient as well as determining the best outcome of your results.
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Treatment Plan

In the initial consultation, our doctor’s discussions are private and confidential with you. Furthermore, their aesthetic plan for treatment is also unique to you and their aesthetic sense. All costs are discussed initially verbally in the initial consultation and then a written estimate will be provided for your treatment plan.
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Love your Look!

We know that you will not only love your look, but you will also love the journey and experience here at SKIN CUB Cosmetic Doctors. We pride ourselves on the utmost professional service and patient experience before, during and after your procedure.
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Review Appointment

Here at SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors review appointments are a vital part of your treatment post-care. SKIN CLUB offers complimentary review appointments at 7 days and 3 months post-treatment. If you require immediate attention an emergency review appointment will also be scheduled free of charge.