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Here’s Why You Should Get Your Skin Tags Removed

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

Are you concerned about those spontaneous soft growths on your arm? They are painless, but their presence still bothers you. People have come to you to offer their advice on better skin care, and you could not be more annoyed. Commonly, these growths are called skin tags, and we will tell you all about why you should get a skin tag removal treatment today. But first, let us know a little about what exactly are skin tags.

Skin tags appear as little flesh-coloured tissue flap that protrudes from your skin on a slim sprout. These skin tags are mostly found in places where your skin rubs against itself or its folds, such as your armpits, neck, eyelids, under your breasts, or in your groyne. You may find skin tags commonly in these places. Skin tags are more common in those who are obese, diabetic, or pregnant. Regardless of gender, they may appear. However, they are often not given to kids.

Skin tags can resemble warts, although they’re typically much more smooth and tender than warts. Warts actually tend to be rougher with an irregular surface. Skin tags on the other hand are knobby and protrude directly from the skin. Skin tags are also not spreadable through contact. Skin tags typically don’t hurt or feel uncomfortable.

A skin tag typically causes no harm and no discomfort. If it hinders you, you might want to have it removed. It can become agitated by something rubbing against it. It could catch on to your accessories like jewellery and also clothing.

You may be wondering if skin tags are not harmful to you, then why should you go for skin tag removal? Many of our patients here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors opt for skin tag removal treatments just because skin tags do not look good. This is perfectly normal and okay. You may feel down because of these growths and it is okay for you to want to get skin tags removed.

Since skin tags are not painful or harmful in any external way, so it is not mandatory for you to remove them. People go through skin tag removal treatments just for the aesthetic value in it. Some people may get these skin tags on parts of their body like their forearms, neck, or even their face. These areas are visible and open. This may seem unsightly and can make some people lose confidence. It can make you insecure about your body. Skin tags can hardly be covered with makeup every day and it will also be an inconvenience for you. 

Most home remedies for skin tag removal are unproven to be properly effective. Some prescripted medications are also available, but they may or may not work effectively on your skin tags. Medications also take some time to show results. Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors provide effective cosmetic treatments for skin tag removal, which will give you quicker and more permanent results as compared to other treatments.

A skin tag removal can be done using a variety of techniques here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors. Cryotherapy is a widely used technique in which a doctor, uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin tag off. You may also choose to get electrocautery, which involves using an electric probe or needle to burn the skin tag off. For larger skin tags, excision or snipping with scissors or a scalpel may be preferable.

Consult our experts here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors for guaranteed solutions for all your cosmetic problems. Our doctors will provide you with proper guidance and help you select the best course of treatment for you.


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Dr Vi Sharma is a renowned and highly trained cosmetic surgeon in Melbourne, practising cosmetic surgery since 2012. He has a worldwide loyal patient base. He has a bachelor of medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery from Monash University. Dr Vi Sharma is a former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice. Along with treating patients, he also provides training for doctors and nurses regarding aesthetic and cosmetic treatment modalities.

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