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Lip Fillers Melbourne Cost

Lip Fillers Melbourne Cost

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Add volume to the lips and pouts have taken over pop culture but having full luscious lips is already an old practice. Shapely lips are appreciated for their beauty, youthfulness, and voluptuousness. The development of non-surgical skin treatments, such as anti-wrinkle injections, has seen increased in number of men and women who are seeking treatments including lip enhancement.

Lips are one of the primary part of our appearance and expression. Due to the natural ageing process, our lips become thinner and less eminent. It also reduces the manifestation of the vermilion which is the red pigmentation of the lips.

Over time, men and women have used different types of lip enhancer injections, massages, devices, and plumping products for lips enhancement. There are also permanent methods to add volume to the lip but these lip enhancement may look strange years later as your facial features may also change as you age. Many believe that the best treatments are temporary lip fillers and injections.

What are lip wrinkle?

Lip wrinkles, also known as lip lines, lipstick lines, or smoker’s lines, are fine lines on the lips which becomes visible as we age. These are difficult to cover and it is suggested to get treatment such as dermal filling or anti-wrinkle injections and just have them removed because it will take away years off from your face.

lip wrinkles appears on both lips and on the skin of the upper lip. On the lips, they form as a set of fine vertical lines, often stretching from one side of the mouth to the other. It’s not unusual for lipstick to settle in these lines, making them appear darker and deeper than they actually are. Above the lip, vertical lines stretch upward from the lip toward the nose. These wrinkles are typically deeper and more pronounced than the ones on your actual lips.

What causes lip wrinkle?

As you age, there is reduction in the production of collagen which leads to thinner and less elastic skin. The lips, which are typically puffy during youth, become noticeably deflated

Also due to ageing, the skin produces less oil which results to long standing dryness.

Other major factor is the exposure to the sun. The skin on the lips is very delicate and often left unprotected. Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays is the primary cause of premature ageing. This process is called photoaging

Lip wrinkles on the upper lip are often caused by smoking. Free radicals in the body are product of smoking which contribute to premature ageing. It’s also possible that the repetitive motion of a drag could contribute to lip wrinkles. Lip wrinkles may also be contributed to pursing of the lips associated with drinking through a straw or repetitive facial expressions

What are dermal fillers?

One of the most popular treatment in Melbourne is injectable fillers also known as dermal fillers. It is about as common as getting your hair colour. Dermal fillers are quick and non-invasive way to enhance features. It is a gel-like product that are injected under the skin to restore lost volume, smooth lines, soften creases, or improve facial contours. There are two lip fillers widely available for treatments, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Polyacrylamide (PA). The former being the main one used in treatments while the latter is being virtually unused.

What are the benefits of fillers?

  1. Lip filler injections require little or no anaesthesia
  2. Quick recovery. Many people can go back to work or their regular activity right after treatments
  3. Though just temporary, result is long lasting
  4. Very low risk of serious complication or infection
  5. You can add more lip filler to the injection area until you achieve the result you want
  6. Less expensive compared to other treatment

How much do lip fillers cost Melbourne?

In an average, lip filler cost ranges from $795 to $1295. It varies depending on the type of dermal filler, the amount of dermal fillers to be used, and the level of expertise of the doctor and clinic. It is good to include this in your discussion during consultation

How long do dermal fillers injections last?

You will see immediate results after your procedure. Give at least 7 days for the dermal filler to settle and your lips to adjust to it’s new shape. Generally, dermal fillers last 3 to 12 months however, there are factors that may affect this such as gender, exposure to the sun, alcohol intake, smoking, and exercise. As they are temporary, top up post treatment of the lip enhancement may be needed in order to maintain and achieve the desired outcome.

Can lip fillers be removed?

One of the advantages of injectable lip filler are temporary and may disappear naturally with time. Although rarely needed, it is also possible to erase dermal filler using an enzyme. The reversal of the lip filler treatment has it’s own risks and you should talk about it with your doctor. In either case, your lips will return to it’s pre-treatment size and shape.

What are the risks and complications of dermal filler injections?

It is also essential to take note of the following before the lip enhancement

  • Dermal fillers should not be used in or near areas where there is or has been skin disease, skin inflammation or skin related problems.
  • Dermal fillers have not been tested in pregnant or breast-feeding women, individuals with medical conditions that lower the body’s immune response or individuals undergoing therapy that is immunosuppressive may be more prone to infection by skin injections procedure.
  • During your pre-treatment consultation, you should thoroughly discuss your medical history with your doctor

Though generally safe based from Melbourne studies that support its safety and efficacy, it is still important that the dermal filler injections are performed by an experienced doctor as this has direct effect on the result. there are common side effects associated with lip filler that may appear around the area which you can ask about further during consultation.

  • Swelling or bruising. To avoid bruising from dermal filler, limit the intake of any blood thinning medications (such as aspirin or any type of anti-inflammatories) as well as over-the-counter blood thinners (like fish oil)
  • Redness of the skin
  • Tenderness
  • Lumps

If there discoloured blotches or the area becomes red and hot to touch, or you experience fever, chills, and extreme and increasing pain, seek consultation with your doctor or clinic immediately

Can you get natural looking lip injections?

Many are hesitant in getting lip filler injections with the fear that it may be over done hence it is important that you have your lip enhancement done by a professional to achieve a subtle and natural lip augmentation. Of course, initial swelling may look larger and more firm than what you expect but this is just temporary.

What are the post treatment care for lip fillers

It is vital that you follow your doctor’s instructions during consultation to get optimal results.


  • Ice the treated area immediately after treatment – this will help reduce swelling and bruising
  • Expect a bit of soreness and tenderness in the treated area
  • Give at least 7 days for the lip filler to settle and for the swelling to go down


  • Do not fly for at least 24 hours after getting dermal fillers
  • Do not smoke for the first 12 hours after treatment
  • Do not drink for the first 12 hours after treatment
  • Avoid wearing makeup on the treated area for 12 hours after treatment
  • Avoid partaking in strenuous exercise for 48 hours after treatment, as it may result in additional bruising.
  • Avoid taking blood thinning medication for 24 hours post treatment  ie. Aspirin, Ibuprofen

What’s the difference between botox and dermal filler?

The primary difference between Botox and lip filler is that the latter reduces the activity of muscles in the face that cause wrinkles. Dermal fillers, however, fill the trouble areas with collagen, which helps to stimulate collagen growth in the face as well as plump and lift the skin to replace collagen loss.


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