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What is liposuction?

This cosmetic surgery technique is primarily used in removing unwanted fat cells from the body. Liposuction aims to create the shape and contour that most patients desire for their bodies. It rids off excess fat for a slimmer and more appealing silhouette.

Liposuction can be used in many body lifting procedures to help patients achieve the physique that they desire. In some cases, this surgical technique is used as a preliminary phase for most fat transfer treatments including Brazilian butt lift and breast augmentation.

This body contouring technique is commonly known as “lipo” and is sometimes referred to as “liposculpture.” Experience the wonders of liposuction Melbourne, visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors to learn more. You may also book a consultation today.

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All you need to know

All you need to know about
Liposuction by SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors

It was in the 1960s when the first liposuction procedure was performed in Europe. After 2 decades, liposuction was introduced in the United States of America. It was then that this surgical procedure started gaining popularity.

In 1983, liposuction reached Australia and until today, this remains the gold standard in body contouring procedures. Globally, liposuction provides more than 1 million treatments each year.

How did liposuction come about?

These are otherwise termed adipocytes or lipocytes. They consist of large globules of fat that sometimes provide a flabby aspect to the body shape.

Genetically, women are more prone to accumulating unwanted excess fat cells in many parts of the body. However, this does not exempt men from incurring fat cells as well. In this light, both men and women can have liposuction procedures.

In essence, cosmetic enhancing procedures such as liposuction aims to create the silhouette that you have been dreaming of. Liposuction can help achieve the hourglass figure for women and the V-shape physique for men.

Can men also have liposuction?

Liposuction offers a versatile surgical procedure for fat removal. It can remove excess fat on the thighs, lower back, face, legs, arms, buttocks and abdomen. This surgical body lifting technique is also a safer and more reliable option for breast reduction.

Where there is excess fat and you don’t want it, liposuction can help you get rid of it. In some cases of cellulite treatment, liposuction can also be employed.

Here are the most common applications of liposuction:

  • Female figure sculpture;
  • Male athletic appearance;
  • Female breast reduction;
  • Gynecomastia surgery;
  • Certain weight loss procedures;
  • Tummy tuck;
  • Brachioplasty;
  • Contouring of the Inner and outer thighs;
  • Neck liposculpture;
  • Calf slimming; and
  • Buttocks fat removal.

The female body is known to exude beauty and artistry. Thus, cosmetic surgeons understand the woes and worries of every woman.

Indeed, the human fat can be a complex structure that embodies both the superficial in the underlying tissues of a person. With the wonders of liposuction, women can achieve the hourglass profile that they desire.

Liposuction focuses on fat removal, similar to how sculptors give shape masterpieces. This cosmetic surgery aims to provide a natural and youthful appearance to the female body sculpture.

What is a female figure sculpture?

Just like any other cosmetic treatment or surgical procedure, undergoing liposuction must begin with a consultation. In most cases, it is best to seek a second opinion before proceeding with the treatment.

During your consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will ask about your body shape enhancing goals and what you expect from liposuction. Afterwhich, he will explain how the procedure will go.

At this time, your surgeon will evaluate your intended treatment area. He or she will also review your personal, health and medical history to ensure that proper diagnosis is made. After a thorough assessment, your doctor will create a treatment plan stating is recommended procedure.

If your doctor deems fit that liposuction is not the most ideal treatment for your condition, he or she will help you understand why it is so. In many cases, liposuction is not recommended when there are no or fewer fat cells in your body.

If your body composition is more of muscle tissues or excess skin, liposuction may not truly be the best option. However, your doctor will explain why another surgical or invasive procedure is the better option. Remember that your cosmetic surgeon always aims to help you achieve your beauty goals without sacrificing your health and safety.

What happens if liposuction is not the right treatment for me?

Power-Assisted Liposuction or PAL is a state-of-the-line innovation that offers a liposculpture procedure. This cosmetic procedure involves the use of a tube called a cannula that is connected to a hand device.

During the procedure, it sends micro-vibrations to the subcutaneous fat via the cannula. The vibrations work to mildly extricate the fat cells, hence, creating an easy-suction method. In which case, it results in light tissue trauma than other forms of liposuction.

Power-assisted liposuction is best employed for gynecomastia treatment and reduction of inner thighs. Similarly, PAL is a practical option for large scale removal of fat such as in weight loss treatment. However, this liposuction technique may not be suitable for patients with moderate skin laxity.

Generally, liposuction is not meant for weight loss treatment. However, there are certain instances when this treatment is allowed under medical pretences.

In essence, lipo surgery is recommended for men and women with optimum health conditions and a stable weight. He or she must also have normal skin elasticity since liposuction is not about skin tightening.

Here are some pointers to know if you are an ideal candidate for liposuction:

  • When fat pockets do not seem to go away despite extreme diet and exercise routines;
  • Stubborn bulges prevent you from wearing the clothes you like;
  • There are excess fat stores in your abdomen, buttocks and chests that impacts your figure;
  • If you feel like the right curves are in the wrong places;
  • When your bulging body shape causes anxiety and disappointment; and
  • Your perfect body proportions are affected by fat deposits.

Who is an ideal candidate for liposuction?

Liposuction procedure offers many advantages to patients including the following:

  • Removes excess fat in the body structures that have been resistant to diet and exercise;
  • Offers removal of fat deposits in body parts that hamper your dream figure;
  • Can be performed alone or simultaneously with other surgical procedures including breast reduction and tummy tuck;
  • It can also be performed in conjunction with fat transfer surgery such as breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift;
  • Helps enhance your body figure from bulging 8s to a perfect 8 stature;
  • Allows you to wear the trendiest outfit including the latest swimwear collection;
  • Frequently used as an intermediary phase before excision for most body lifting treatments such as Brachioplasty, abdominoplasty and thigh reduction; and
  • It also offers more permanent results compared to non-surgical slimming procedures.

Have you tried almost all types of diet and exercise routines yet that pesky body fat remains intact?

Tumescent liposuction can help remove the seemingly remaining fat cells after you have exhausted all forms of dieting and exercising. This type of liposuction uses a tumescent fluid that aids in minimizing swelling and bruising in the treatment area.

The tumescent fluid consists of a diluted local anaesthetic such as lidocaine and epinephrine. This liposuction technique tends to constrict the blood vessels capillaries and on the incision sites, hence, minimizing the bleeding and pain during the procedure. Thus, if your body contains a large amount of fat, tumescent liposuction is the perfect procedure to rid of those stubborn fat deposits.

Is there tumescent liposuction in Melbourne?

Most cases of liposuction require a general anaesthetic. However, depending on the type of procedure, a local anaesthetic or conscious sedation is enough such as in tumescent liposuction. The use of general anaesthetic also varies on the area of the body or treatment area and the amount of fat to be extracted.

Typically, an overnight stay is required for liposuction procedures that consist removal of a large amount of fat. If your fat volume to be extracted is approaching about 5 litres or more, it may be best to stay overnight at the hospital.

Is a hospital stay necessary for liposuction ?

While liposuction procedures may require several sessions depending on the goals and needs of patients, it definitely yields permanent results in the treatment area. However, this does not mean that your body will no longer accumulate fat cells in other parts of the body. Thus, it is best to observe a healthy lifestyle after your liposuction surgery.

Liposuction techniques vary depending on the provider. Some use tumescent while others are well-versed in traditional liposuction.

Here are some factors that you may consider in choosing the appropriately qualified health practitioner for a liposuction procedure:

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy;
  • Your cosmetic surgeon offers open communication to ensure that you understand each other;
  • He or she is approachable and you are comfortable getting your ideas across;
  • Years of experience and skills in providing liposuction in Melbourne;
  • His or her professionalism is backed by a satisfied clientele;
  • Knowledgeable in the use of general and local anaesthesia;
  • Offers a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis for every patient;
  • Ready to provide post-operative advice and support; and
  • Able to create patient-specific treatment plans that will help achieve your cosmetic goals.

What should I look for in a liposuction procedure provider in Melbourne?

Myth: Is there a Melbourne clinic offering non-surgical liposuction?

Truth: Liposuction is surgery!

If anyone offers you non-surgical liposuction, think twice. Liposuction will always require incisions, insertion of cannulas, extraction of unwanted fat and stitches. Thus, this cosmetic treatment is and will always be a surgical procedure.

Gynecomastia is a condition that occurs in some men. It involves the unwarranted enlargement of the “man boobs.” Thus, gynecomastia surgery is a procedure that requires the liposuction of excess fat in the male breast area.

What is gynecomastia surgery?

The recovery process for most liposuction treatments involves swelling, bruising, mild bleeding and some pain and discomfort. These are normal downtimes that typically resolve on their own within the next 24 to 48 hours following the procedure.

Generally, you will be advised to wear compression garments to aid you during your recovery period. Your doctor will also provide a list of post-surgery routines that you must follow attentively and diligently.

Depending on the treatment area and the amount of fat extracted during the procedure, it may take about 2 to 6 weeks for a patient to recover. However, just like any other cosmetic procedure, the recovery time varies from patient to patient.

The type of liposuction employed, the body area treated, the amount of fat extracted, your skin elasticity and your body’s post-operative coping mechanism are some common factors that may affect your healing time.

How long is the recovery time for liposuction?

During your consultation, your surgeon will ask about your goals and expectations from the liposuction. In which case he or she will work on a treatment plan that will help you achieve these goals and expectations. However, keep in mind that realistic expectations and goals should be anticipated.

In some cases, your surgeon may recommend several sessions to achieve the outcome that you are expecting. This depends on how much fat is needed to remove. Overall, you may expect to attain the body contour, size and shape that you desire.

This is a liposuction technique that involves skill and artistic “sculpting” of the body instead of simply slimming it down. Liposculpting is most ideal for men who want to achieve a six-pack well-toned abdomen or a finely crafted biceps and triceps.

What is Liposculpting?

Since this invasive procedure carries risks, before proceeding you should seek the professional recommendation of cosmetic surgeons. It is also advisable to seek a second opinion before having this procedure.

Liposuction, just like other surgical treatments carries with it possible risks and complications such as the following:


Although rarely do skin irritation and infection happens after liposuction, it may possibly occur in certain patients. When inflammation or redness on the site of the procedure persists, it may be best to contact your trusted surgeon in Melbourne.

Fat Embolism

This condition involves the blocking of blood flow in blood vessels and capillaries caused by intravascular fat. When this happens, it may lead to complications including pulmonary embolism and vein thrombosis.

This is the importance of the use of a compression garment after the procedure. Compression garments help optimize blood flow and oxygen circulation in the body. They also boost faster healing process after liposuction.


In some cases, blockage along the blood vessels may also lead to temporary or permanent numbing in the treatment site and the surrounding structures. This may also cause temporary nerve irritation.

Asymmetric Results

The outcome of liposuction does not yield instant results. It may take about 2 weeks at the least before the outcome takes shape. In some cases, liposuction may result in an uneven appearance. Loos of skin elasticity may impact symmetry in the treatment sites.

Severe Bruising

Hematoma or bruises are normal downtimes of liposuction. However, severe bruising may lead to internal bleeding. Thus, it is best to wear your compression garment at all times unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon.

Damaged Skin Layer

The use of cannulas may cause some permanent damage to the underlying layers of the skin. In which case, a seemingly permanent orange-peel like skin complexion may appear.

Internal Puncture

This occurs when the cannula is inserted deeper than expected causing damage to internal organs. In this light, immediate attention is needed.

Liposuction is typically a day procedure. However, this depends on the type of liposuction and the treatment site involved. There are liposuction treatments that may require an overnight stay in the hospital such as when traditional liposuction is employed.

Is liposuction a day procedure?

Most liposuction treatments fully settle after 4 to 6 months. Thus, if a touch-up is needed, it can be scheduled at a six-month interval. In which case, a local anaesthetic can be applied.

Although liposuction requires incisions, they are typically small that seem to be invisible in the naked eyes. However, there are skin types that adversely respond to cuts and surgical wounds. Thus, some patients may incur surgical or keloid scars.

In most cases, incisions are made inconspicuously to ensure that scarring is minimal. If scarring cannot be avoided, patients may choose to undergo scar removal treatments in Melbourne.

Will I incur scars after the liposuction procedure?

Cosmetic surgeons perform liposuction in a highly accredited facility like a registered hospital or cosmetic Melbourne clinic. The facilities, equipment and clinical tools must pass accreditation to ensure the safety and comfort of every patient.

Getting liposuction in your outer thighs does not mean you will no longer have unwarranted bulges elsewhere. It may be noteworthy that fat cells occur in all your body parts and not just in one. Thus, it is most likely that when you incur weight gain, bulges may develop.

In essence, caring for your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be your priority post-liposuction. It is best to engage in exercises and physical activities that will prevent weight fluctuations.

What happens if I incur weight gain post-procedure?

A liposuction procedure should not be construed as a weight-loss treatment. However, it can aid in weight loss as it is a fat removal procedure.

Generally, fat cells make up most of the unwanted weight that most patients for liposuction are trying to rid of. This is especially so for those who have unyielding fat deposits even after extensive diet or exercise programs.

Liposuction is an intricate procedure that needs a great deal of preparation. Thus, during your consultation, your surgeon will evaluate your medical history.

If you smoke, you may be advised to stop at least 2 weeks before your scheduled surgery. In case you are under medication, you may be advised to get a certificate from your physician to ensure that it is safe for you to undergo this cosmetic surgery.

This same preoperative requisite may be advised if you are taking blood-thinning medication as it may adversely affect the procedure. This is also applicable for any substance that may come in contrast with general or local anaesthesia.

In as much as anyone who intends to remove unwanted excess fats can undergo the fat removal procedure, not everyone may be allowed to do so.

Here are some individuals who are prevented from getting liposuction:

  • Pregnant women;
  • Lactating and breastfeeding moms;
  • Those who are allergic to certain substances like lidocaine and other general and local anaesthetic contents;
  • Minors or those who are below 18 years of age;
  • Patients with Bell’s palsy and other neuromuscular diseases;
  • If your skin has severe laxity;
  • If you are suffering from blood-related illnesses; and
  • Patients who have active skin diseases.
If your skin has enough elasticity, your skin will simply bounce back and take the form of your muscular structures. However, if you are suffering from moderate to severe skin laxity, it may need a combined treatment to ensure skin tightening after the surgery. In most cases, a compression garment can help maintain the tone and texture of the skin. Thus, it is highly recommended for patients to diligently wear it after the procedure. The use of a compression garment can also foster an optimum healing process.

This is a less invasive form of liposuction that employs the use of laser and ultrasound-aided cannulas. Surgeons perform liposuction by melting and dissolving the fat deposits through the resonance of vibration and sound energy. By doing so more fat cells are removed while imploring smooth, soft and supple skin.

Liposuction cost varies on the type of procedure employed and the surgical site. In some instances, even the use of a general and local anaesthetic is considered in the cost of this cosmetic surgery.

On average, however, cosmetic surgery through liposuction costs starts at $2,990.

Generally, traditional liposuction may require you to heal for about 2 weeks. Only then can you resume your normal activities. However, some types of less invasive liposuction entail less than one week of healing time.

In some cases, it also depends on the severity of the procedure and the patient’s coping mechanism. Thus, some patients are advised to stay overnight in the hospital for observation and immediate attention.

Liposuction has been proven safe for fat reduction procedures, including neck contouring. Your surgeon will evaluate the condition and skin of your neck to ensure that liposuction is your best fat reduction option.

Blood tests are employed to ensure that your platelet count, blood sugar level, hemoglobin, and blood clotting functions are at optimum levels. Thus, blood tests are highly recommended to ensure that no adverse effects or complications may arise during and after the surgery.

Blood tests are not the only assessment that patients may take before undergoing liposuction. Other tests may include, pregnancy tests for women, ECG for patients over 60 years and imaging studies especially for breast-related liposuction.

Before liposuction, the administration of anaesthetics offers a slight sting from the needle insertion and for some the flow of anaesthesia.

During liposuction, the proper administration of anaesthetics prevents any pain from ensuing. Thus, providing a virtually pain-free procedure.

After the treatment, downtimes including slight pain in the treatment area may be experienced, especially as the effect of anaesthetics wear off. However, this will resolve on its own within the next 24 hours.

If pain accelerates and persists after 48 hours following the surgery, it may be best to contact or visit your trusted surgeons in Melbourne.

Generally, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is all about the excision of excess skin on the stomach and abdomen area. Liposuction is considered an intermediary phase in case a flabby tummy also consists of excess fat.

This is a condition that generally affects the upper and lower leg. Lipoedema is the chronic reoccurrence of excessive and irrational fat tissue build-up in the thighs and lower legs.

Can liposuction help decrease lipoedema?

Liposuction works to eliminate the occurrence of fat cells or adipocytes. In which case, when these fat cells are eliminated from your thighs and legs, the reoccurrence of unwanted fat can be hampered.

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors offer a comprehensive consultation for liposuction-aided procedures. Our doctors and surgeons are highly trained and experienced in providing leading cosmetic procedures in Melbourne.

To ensure that liposuction is the most ideal treatment for your cosmetic needs, visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors today!


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