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Mole Removal
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Mole Removal Melbourne by Skinclub Cosmetic Doctors

Mole Removal Melbourne

Mole Removal

A mole is a common, usually non-cancerous lesion on the skin. These skin lesions vary in colour, size, location, and texture. Some may appear tiny, light-coloured, and flat; others may be big, raised, dark, and hairy. However, in some instances, moles can be unsightly raised lumps, and they can also be life-threatening.

Moles are usually non-medical issues but more of a cosmetic concern. While some moles taint an individual’s overall appearance, others can develop and become cancerous as a person matures. Thus, most people opt to have these moles removed.

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All you need to know

All you need to know about Mole Removal

Moles often appear as small, dark brown spots and are caused by clusters of pigmented cells.

Here are some causes why moles develop on your skin:

  • Sun exposure: This plays an important role in mole development. Overexposure to direct sunlight can harm your skin which may result in skin hyperpigmentation.  Thus, the unlikely development of moles.
  • Melanocytes: Moles are caused when melanocytes or the cells in the skin grow in clusters, clumps or lesion.
  • Genetics: Indeed, the formation of moles on your skin can be hereditary. When you notice that your family members, especially your parents are endowed with a lot of moles, chances are you will most likely have lots of them, too.
  • Ageing: This is an inevitable process that naturally occurs on anyone. As you age you will notice age spots and moles gradually increasing in number.
  • Medication: There are body responses to drugs that suppress your immune system, resulting in mole and lesion growth.

If your mole is round in shape with a smooth flat surface, it is healthy and unnecessary to remove. However, if your mole seems to have scruffy edges and is blotchy, it is best to have your specialist evaluate it as it may be cancerous.

Moles are typically single-coloured skin lesion. If your mole bears a single shade, then there is no need to have it removed as it is most likely benign. However, if your mole has varying shades of brown or black, this may be considered peculiar. Thus, it should be examined by a skincare specialist.

The leading and most common reason why people wanted to have their unwanted moles removed is that it taints the aesthetic of their skin. Some people find their moles to be unsightly or embarrassing, hence, it is best to remove the mole or lesion. In which case, a visit to your cosmetic doctor for a consultation can be your first step not just for mole removal but for gaining self-confidence as well.

You will notice that your mole usually maintain its texture, colour and size even for many years. However, if your mole evolves into something bigger, plumper, or darker, it could be a sign that you need to seek the expert advice of your skincare specialist.

It is highly recommended that patients visit their doctor for a consultation to know if there is a need for a biopsy. These changes may lead to risks of skin problems when ignored or left untreated for a long time.

New moles appear unceasingly during the developmental phase of your body. However, if there are new and more moles growths after the age of 35, it may be an indication that melanoma or skin cancer is developing.

A non-cancerous mole is benign or dormant in nature. It should not cause irritation or discomfort on your skin. If bleeding, itching, and pain on your skin start to show, It is best to have your mole evaluated for proper cosmetic treatment. This condition carries risks that may lead to skin cancer when disregarded.

Moles and skin lesions are conditions that may lead to melanoma or a type of skin cancer. Thus, it is best to have these moles and lesions removed to prevent any risks of skin cancer.

There are several cosmetic procedures for how skin lesion or mole is removed. However, it is always best to consult your trusted skin care clinic or specialist to know the best option suitable for the type of skin and the mole to be removed.

This cosmetic mole removal technique is a non-invasive laser treatment for skin rejuvenation, firming, clearing, and toning. The LED light from the Aura laser is readily absorbed by the pigmentation in the skin which helps break down problem areas and treats many skin conditions such as moles, lesions, hyperpigmentation, and protruding veins.

Excision is a surgical procedure of removing undesirable moles or skin lesions. It is a traditional technique of removing a mole and lesion and repairing the area of surgery with stitches. This cosmetic treatment requires skill and experience to excise a mole or lesion accurately and then to suture it so that it leaves minimal scarring.

This mole removal approach uses a scalpel to scrape away mole or lesion growth. The procedure starts with numbing the treatment site with a local anaesthetic. Mole excision by shaving is a surgical procedure that requires accuracy and experience. Thus, it is best to visit your trusted skin clinic to ensure safe and infection-free cosmetic treatments.

This mole removal treatment involves a fine, targeted, and ultra-cold mist of nitrous oxide gas at high pressure to effortlessly and painlessly treat unwanted mole and lesion. Nitrous oxide treats damaged tissue by freezing intercellular fluid, helping to speed up the removal of skin tags, moles and other skin issues.

This mole removal option uses radiofrequency to cauterize your unwanted mole or skin lesion. This procedure may also be used to remove skin tags and warts. Radiofrequency mole removal procedures aim to reduce any bleeding at the excision site. It also considerably decreases the chances of scar and scab formation, hence, this procedure is the perfect option for mole removal on the face area.

Just like any other cosmetic treatment, a mole removal procedure starts with a consultation in a clinic. Your doctor or skin specialist will thoroughly examine your skin, mole, lesion and if there is doubt over any cancer signs or risk. In which case, your specialist will recommend a biopsy for careful analysis and diagnosis.

The results of the biopsy will be discussed thoroughly with you and your specialist will recommend the best cosmetic procedure to combat your undesired mole or lesion. The aim is to clear your skin of the mole or lesion while improving the texture and appearance of your skin.

Generally, mole removal procedure costs vary depending on the type of treatment you would opt for, the kind of mole or lesion you have, and if the procedure should involve other cosmetic treatments.

In some mole removal procedures, a patient may opt to include the treatment of facial scar, wound, scab, acne scarring, and other unsightly issues.

Generally, surgical mole removal may require at least one week of recovery time. A patient may heal faster than other patients, hence, he or she should expect complete recovery within a few weeks.

For most non-surgical cosmetic mole removal procedures, patients have a shorter recovery time. In most cases, a patient may expect three days to two weeks of complete self-recovery process. Non-surgical mole removal cosmetic procedures usually have minimal downtime and recovery period, hence, more patients choose this form of mole removal.

While some people may think that getting a mole removal procedure is no big deal, a patient’s safety is always important. Thus, remember to contact your trusted doctor or cosmetic clinic for the most appropriate mole removal cosmetic procedure.

Here are some factors that you may need to consider in getting a cosmetic mole removal:

  • You have a mole that can threaten your health and body;
  • Your mole has signs of risks that may lead to melanoma;
  • You are in good health or you have no medical issues that may threaten your body after the procedure;
  • When your biopsy shows that it is best to remove your mole or lesion;
  • A patient should have a few weeks to take some time off work as time to heal for surgical mole removal may require a couple of days or weeks of rest; and
  • Your mole has caused confidence scarring and self-embarrassment.

Generally, mole removal procedures start with the application of a local anaesthetic to ensure a comfortable and pain-free procedure. It offers minimal downtime without patients having to worry about infection and wound or scarring that may form on the mole removal site.

Although a mole removal surgery may need stitches, your doctor ensures safe and virtually pain-free procedures. Both the mole removal and the removal of stitches are done in the clinic, hence, you are guaranteed their safety and comfort at all times.

Always remember to contact your trusted cosmetic doctor or visit your cosmetic clinic that will not just remove your facial or body moles but can ensure your safety from consultation to the mole removal procedure.


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