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Mummy Makeover Treatment
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Mummy Makeover Treatment By SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors

Mummy Makeover Melbourne

Mummy Makeover Treatment

Our mothers are some of the most important women in our lives and they go through a lot. From pregnancies to breastfeeding, all of this can take a toll on their bodies. That is why here at Skin Club Doctors, we offer our mummy makeover surgery to help treat mothers looking to recapture their pre-baby body.

Target Market of a Mummy Makeover Surgery

As the name suggests this treatment is geared towards mothers specifically. This is because a lot of this treatment aims to address the issues and changes that come with motherhood such as pregnancy, excess fat, and sagging skin. While some of these issues are common in non-mothers, their results vary significantly and it is usually mothers who get the worst of it that makes them a good candidate for this treatment.

It is also worth noting that many of these treatments are better for older women and many mothers in Melbourne do tend to be older, especially those who think they are finished having children.

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All you need to know

All you need to know about
Mummy Makeover Treatment by SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors

A mummy makeover is not one procedure, but a combination of procedures. These treatments aim to address all the changes that your body experiences with age that are only heightened with pregnancy and motherhood.

This includes things like excess skin and fat, sagging skin and breasts, scars from post-pregnancy surgery, and many others. Our mummy makeover combines all of these procedures into a single package. To treat all of this, the treatment includes various plastic surgery procedures.

  • A tummy tuck
  • Breast Lift/Breast Implants
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Body Contouring Procedure
  • Liposuction


Although there are plenty of treatments available to treat your pregnancy body in mummy makeovers, it does not mean you have to take all of them. Here at Skin Club, our doctors listen to you and what you want to achieve from this treatment.

Because of that, during your initial consultation, our plastic surgeons will already be working to tailor-make this treatment for you. This means figuring out which treatments will work for you and which ones they can drop. This means that for example if you have no issues with your breast, they can drop the breast lift and focus on your stomach. If you would like us to make some changes you only need to ask.

Not only does this help you achieve that pre-pregnancy body you want, but it also helps keep your hospital fees down.

Confidence Boost

For many women, especially in Melbourne, there is an idea that following pregnancy, your body is now forever changed. Your youthful body is now gone and trying to achieve or your current condition halting is just wishful thinking.

However, this procedure proves that is not the case and if you believe that, you are a good candidate for this surgery.

More than just helping you with your pregnancy body, Melbourne mummy makeover surgery is a lesson in not giving up. With this treatment, you can prove that you can stand tall despite the changes going on in your life and show that you will not just accept what life has to give laying down. And doesn’t that sound like a good lesson for kids?

Dramatic Results

With all these procedures they are offering, it would be a scam if you weren’t getting any major results. Of course, results can vary from person to person, the chances of a Melbourne mummy makeover working compared to other treatments are much higher. There is a much more concentrated effort made in trying to help you improve your body. All of these treatments working together can make for a better makeover procedure.

Outpatient Basis

Despite having so much and even including invasive surgery, the mummy makeover does not require you to stay in the hospital beyond extreme circumstances. Most Melbourne clinics have their mummy makeover on an outpatient basis, meaning that you do not have to stay in the clinic to recover overnight.

This can be a huge way in keeping your expenses down. You might have to worry about some post-operative care, but most of the time it is nothing too bad. Melbourne surgery is well regarded in that.


Since the procedure in Melbourne is generally safe and effective, it is the cost of the mummy makeover that makes people reluctant to take it. Given all the work that doctors need to do, a treatment like this can be very expensive. How much is a mummy makeover depends on the clinic. At its lowest, it can go $10,000 to well into $20,000.

Even with well-off families that are going to be a huge expense that most people cannot afford. What makes this worse is that your insurance company will most likely not cover it. This is because they only cover medical expenses and things like a breast implant or a tummy tuck are not seen as essential.

The doctor’s fees will be through the roof and in many cases, you will need a specialist plastic surgeon.

Risks and Complications

Although generally safe, all procedures including this carry risks for you. This is especially true with a mummy makeover given how many treatments you are going through. All of this together can be incredibly exhausting on your body and only heighten the risk.

A plastic surgeon will explain all of this when you meet up with him for your consultation appointment. Here they will explain all the risks and complications that can take place when you go under the knife, however, they will also show ways they can reduce the risk. For example, a specialist plastic surgeon has several tricks to lower the risks that come with a treatment like this. One method is to get an earlier surgery which reduces the risk of anesthesia.

Demanding Recovery Period

The issue with the recovery isn’t that it is long. It is only a week or two after a procedure which given everything that happens, is a pretty short time. The issue is more of what this recovery period limits you.

In the first 24 hours, if you would like us to keep an eye on you, one of our surgeons can monitor you while you rest. If there is nothing wrong they can send you home. During that time you will be unable to go to work and even going outside should be discouraged unless it is necessary. Even then you will not be allowed to drive.

While you are stuck at home, you will not be able to do any chores or work around the house because of how tired your body will be from the surgery. You should also avoid any heavy lifting including your baby if you have any.

If after this week everything is going well, you might be allowed to return to work, however, issues can persist long after. doctors also expect you to halt certain activities such as smoking for a while since this can delay your recovery.

Tummy Tuck

It is possible to turn back the clock with a tummy tuck. Many people regret not having done something earlier and this is certainly one of those cases. Moreover, many people would like to improve their bodies, but most of these people wonder what they could do to stay in shape and keep their bodies in good shape.

A tummy tuck treats your abdominal wall by pushing back excess skin growing there. This is great for moms that had a C-section or if you need post-pregnancy surgery. It works by making an incision in your stomach where the doctor can start trimming off the extra skin in that area. With the skin they can’t they will gather it together and tighten it together with sutures. This will keep them from sagging out and give more structure to your abdominal muscles.


Breast Lift

Another area that is greatly affected by pregnancy is your breasts. Not only does it cause some noticeable changes in size, as you get older the elasticity of your skin there weakens and can leave them sagging.

To combat this, breast surgery in Melbourne includes a breast lift treatment. This is a process that aims to improve their appearance. In these breast surgery procedures, the doctor will make a small incision in your breasts where they will start reshaping your breasts. They do this by lifting or removing the excess tissue in your breasts which would allow them to push your breast back to its pre-pregnancy body


Breast Augmentation

Another form of breast surgery that the mummy makeover procedure offers is breast augmentation. Whereas a breast lift focuses on tightening the sagging skin in your body, a breast augmentation focuses on giving it more shape.

This makes use of breast implants that doctors can insert into your body to keep the area from losing its original shape. The implants are made from either silicone or plastic that allows them to meld into your body easily.

Some plastic surgeons can even create custom breast implants that are specifically designed for your breast shape and needs, though this will cost extra.

Additionally, these two procedures are not mutually exclusive so you can have a breast lift and a breast augmentation at the same time.


Unlike other treatments in this procedure, liposuction does not involve any surgical procedures. This treatment instead focuses on removing fat around your body, particularly your stomach and breasts in a mummy makeover treatment.

How this works is that your plastic surgeon will first identify areas with a lot of fat deposits in a consultation From there they will begin massaging the area to break up the fatty tissue there.

When that is done, they will make an incision large enough to fit a tube that will suck all the fat in the area. They can do this process several times during this procedure if you want them to.


Body Contouring Procedure

Also included in a mummy makeover procedure is a body contouring treatment. Technically speaking, all these other treatments mentioned above are part of the body contouring procedure, though it is not limited by them. This part of a mummy makeover also aims to work on other parts of the body not included such as your thighs, face, and arms through a series of surgical procedures.

Because of that, they also work similarly, tightening these parts of your body and trying to deal with excess skin. To do this, your plastic surgeon will make several incisions and begin removing the extra skin and tissue in that area. Where they start will depend on your plastic surgeon’s best judgment or your preferences.


At the start of the process, you need to undergo a medical consultation where you will meet with your doctor and determine if you are up for this treatment. To do this, your doctor will start by reviewing your files to see if there is anything that might pose a risk to plastic surgery procedures. This includes things like medical conditions or habits such as smoking that can affect healing.

Since this is aimed at mothers undergoing their post-pregnancy stage, the plastic surgeons will also ask about that. They will ask about the nature of your pregnancy if you plan on having kids, and other questions.

Aside from that, they will interview you about your expectations from this treatment. They want to know what you are trying to achieve. This includes which specific areas you are trying to treat. Since many women in Melbourne are looking for this treatment, the expectations can vary significantly.

Whether you are trying to fix your tummy or breasts can play a huge role in what you want in your procedures. If you explain this, your doctor will custom make the treatment for you by adjusting the procedures in a mummy makeover.

They will also determine if you require a specialist plastic surgeon given how many procedures this involves.

The Mummy Makeover Surgery

Given all the different procedures that will happen in a mummy makeover, it should be no surprise to hear it will take a long time. Just how long it will take can depend on what treatments you go for and how many. Plastic surgery is much more demanding and labor-intensive for example.

On average though, mummy makeovers tend to take somewhere around 4-6 hours, not counting the recovery period. Even advanced Melbourne plastic surgery can take a long time to take effect. This means that you should probably clear your day completely for this.

You will have to go under anesthesia while the plastic surgeons work so you will be unconscious for the whole session. During that time they will work on the areas you request including your tummy, breasts, and abdominal walls with various procedures.


By the end, the plastic surgeon can let you go home after the anesthesia wears off if they find there is no reason for you to stay. On the other hand, if there are complications during the plastic surgery or if you are not comfortable going home, they can let you stay overnight to let you recover in the clinic.

After that, they will send you home but give you instructions on what to look out for and medication to manage your side effects. The mummy makeover plastic surgery is exhausting both mentally and physically so they recommend two weeks of bed rest. In most cases, doctors are very strict about resting and avoiding most physical activity. this means no driving, working, or housework while you recover. If there are any issues after the post-pregnancy surgery, you can contact your plastic surgeon.

You will experience some side effects like swelling, redness, and pain. These can last for several months in some cases. This is another reason why doctors say to avoid physical activity as these can affect how well you perform. To help come with them, doctors provide you with some medication to help lessen their effects.

However, even after the treatment, most doctors urge maintaining constant diet and exercise to maximize the results. this is because your body can return to its old appearance if not taken are off even with the help of a mummy makeover.


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