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Neck lift

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

Neck lift treatments can either be a surgical or non-surgical procedure. Our skin clinics in Melbourne are offering the most innovative non-surgical minimally invasive techniques for neck lifts.

A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that helps improve the condition of your ageing neck. This aims to correct sagging or deeply wrinkled skin and excess fat in your neck.

While most people worry about the wrinkles on their faces, other people are tormented by the visible signs of ageing hanging by their neck. Indeed, the neck is one of the first places where visible signs of aging start to develop. Unfortunately, in most cases, the neck is oftentimes neglected when it comes to preventative remedies in preserving the youthfulness of the skin until it is too late.

As you age you will notice loose skin, including neck wattles, puffiness and lines as a result of your everyday lifestyle. Thus, the underlying structures start to break down under the pressures of age, sun damage, stress, and the pull of gravity.

A neck lift procedure is specifically designed to restore the vital contours of your neck while enhancing your overall appearance. This procedure can help tighten the excess skin on the neck. In some cases, these treatments are performed in conjunction with other procedures such as double chin removal and jaw slimming.

Neck Lift Surgery

A Neck Lift is an effective cosmetic surgery that involves “lifting” the sagging neck skin to achieve smooth and youthful skin on the neck region. It involves the removal of skin to tighten the area of the neck, hence, “lifting” what once was sagging. This cosmetic approach is often referred to as lower rhytidectomy.

Here are some neck lift surgery approaches that most plastic surgeons offer:

Traditional Neck Lift Surgery

This procedure is also referred to as Platysmaplasty. It involves the surgical excision of excess skin via an incision around the front and back of the ears while tightening the underlying muscles in the neck area.

Scarless Neck Lift

This is a technique that is ideal for the saggy neck with excessive fat pockets. It involves a liposuction technique that extracts excess fat to eliminate the sagging skin. This also promotes the reproduction of collagen in the treated area.

Vaser Hi-def Liposuction

Vaser Hi-def liposuction is best used to combat turkey neck. It uses a probe under the skin to create heat that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Vaser Hi-def liposuction encourages the tightening of the skin on the neck while imploring a better skin attachment, hence, eliminating sagging skin. This can also help eliminate unwanted fat in the neck.

Platysmal Plication

This approach helps to lift sagging and loose skin without removing any of excess skin. It involves making a small inconspicuous incision under the chin then “plicating” or folding and tightening the muscles under the chin.

Suture Neck Lift

Suture neck list if performed using special suture or stitches to elevate and attach the skin higher and tighter resulting in a smoother and more revitalized neck.


Non-surgical Neck Lift Procedures

Non-surgical neck lifts are designed to rejuvenate the skin, remove excess fat and contour jaw and cheek lines. These are amazing procedures that offer long-lasting results without the need for plastic surgery.

There are several ways to get neck lift surgery without going under a knife, including the following:

Anti Wrinkle Injection

Anti Wrinkle Injection has been one of the most sought-after procedures known to effectively combat wrinkles and fine lines. This technique also offers amazing benefits in the medical realm which includes treating bruxism, migraine, and hyperhidrosis.

Anti Wrinkle Injection used for a neck lift procedure involves the relaxing of the muscle contraction on the neck while minimizing the downward pulling motion of the platysma muscle. When the platysma muscle is relaxed, the sagging of the skin, as well as the wrinkles, will be softened resulting in a tighter and smoother complexion.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are one of the safest and most effective procedures for neck lift in Melbourne, Australia. It uses a gel-like substance that works similarly to the natural chemical substance found in the body.

When dermal fillers are injected into the neck area, they stimulate the production of collagen and elastin underneath the skin, hence, boosting softness, suppleness, and smoothness on the neck. Most patients enjoy the time and cost-efficiency that dermal fillers offer, especially for people on the go.

Thread Lift

Thread lift is a more intricate procedure that involves the use of soluble threads or sutures to “lift” your saggy neck or to tighten your turkey neck. While the procedure does not involve any incisions, it employs the use of absorbable PDO sutures that are seemingly meshed to pull the skin upwards.

These soluble sutures will be naturally absorbed by your body while stimulating the refurbishment of collagen and elastin in your neck area. Thus, resulting in a firmer, tighter, smoother, younger-looking neck and skin.

Plasma Skin Resurfacing

This neck lifting technique uses a fractional fibroblast plasma pen device. This procedure involves the ionization of gases from the atmospheric air to create a micro-electrical discharge or plasma. It simultaneously heats and disrupts the deeper dermal structure via thermal conduction while creating a fibroblast.

Fibroblasts consist of the most common cells of connective tissues in the body that produce collagen. Collagen, on the other hand, provides an essential structure that seemingly turns back the hands of time resulting in a wrinkle-free and reduced laxity on the skin.

Anti-wrinkle Injections

Similar to Anti Wrinkle Injection, the use of anti-wrinkle injections work by creating a temporary relaxation to the neck muscle. It softens the loosened skin of the neck while providing the neck and facial rejuvenation that you deserve.

Neck Lift Surgeries vs. Non-surgical Neck Lift treatments

No matter what you and how diligent you may be, skin ageing cannot be stopped. Ageing is inevitable and your neck is one of the most aesthetically affected areas. Thus, your skin becomes loose as it stretches and sags while blurring your chin, jaw line, and neckline.

Neck lifts address the visible signs of ageing that develop below your face and around the neck and jaw line. While others are enjoying the permanent results of neck lift surgery, many people are seeking less invasive procedures.

In some cases, surgery may require you to stay in the hospital for a couple of days after the procedure to ensure that no risks of complications may arise from the neck lift surgeries. Your plastic surgeon may need to observe the swelling and bruising resulting from the procedure.

A non-surgical neck lift, on the other hand, offer time-efficient treatments which are sometimes referred to as lunch break procedures. You can drive home unaccompanied after the procedure or you may resume your normal activities right away. In most instances, you can even return to work as usual.

Neck lift surgeries like Platysmaplasty may require general anaesthesia, while non-surgical neck lift only needs a topical sedative or local anesthesia to ensure comfort during the procedure. Thus, non-surgical approaches offer virtually pain-free treatments with little to no downtime.

Since a non-surgical neck lift does not require incisions and cuts, the recovery time is shorter as compared to a neck lift surgery. Similarly, the post-operative phase is also faster and simpler for minimally invasive neck lift treatments.

Most neck lift surgeries specifically target a single neck aging concern, that is, a patient who may need facial surgery or facelift may need to have another appointment for such a procedure. In contrast, minimally invasive procedures may include combined treatments for better facial and skin aesthetic enhancement.

Lastly, since Platysmaplasty requires cuts and incision, they are more prone to risks and complications. These are very rare for minimally invasive neck lift treatments, hence, tagged as safe and effective treatments that offer amazing benefits.


Our Melbourne neck lift procedure starts with a consultation. During this phase, your cosmetic surgeons will ask you to answer a Q&A form to help facilitate the evaluation of your skin and neck condition.

During the consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will consider the extent and laxity of your neck skin, if you have unwanted neck fat, the type of procedure to be used, and if there are other treatments needed to combine with your neck lift. Your surgeon will help you understand why such a neck lift approach is recommended for you and if there is a need for it to be performed in conjunction with other treatments.

We will also help you understand how these treatments can help you achieve the neck and facial rejuvenation that you dreaming of.


Our neck lift treatments usually begin with the application of a numbing cream or a topical sedative. This can help ease any pain and discomfort during the procedure. Neck lift techniques vary from patient to patient. However, our doctors and surgeons in Melbourne underwent extensive training and studies about human anatomy, hence, employing the best techniques that suits you and your lifestyle.

We aim to specifically address your lower face woes to achieve the skin, neck and face aesthetics that you deserve. Whether we use Anti Wrinkle Injection or dermal fillers for your neck lift, we guarantee that you are in good hands.

What should you expect during your neck lift recovery?

After the procedure, some patients may experience some swelling and bruising in the treatment area but these downtimes will mellow down within the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours depending on the type of neck lift employed.

Your doctor will also prepare an aftercare guideline to help you recover faster with high regard to your health and lifestyle. Patients should diligently and attentively follow the DOs and DON’Ts guideline prepared by their doctor to ensure that the appearance they desire can be achieved. This can also help them have a smooth and safe recovery without any risks and complications.

Risks and Complications of Neck Lift

Just like other treatments, a neck lift carries risks that may threaten your health and appearance. This is the more reason why you should opt for our minimally invasive approaches to neck lift in our Melbourne clinics.

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors provide the most innovative Anti Wrinkle Injection, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, thread lift and plasma skin resurfacing techniques that are guaranteed safe, fast, effective, and reliable. We use only the highest quality of TGA-approved products coupled with the most innovative cosmetic technology.

All our neck lift treatments are performed in a clinical setting that offers a comfortable, clean, safe and friendly ambience. Rarely do patients return because of risks and complications arising from our neck lift treatments. We are proud to see patients walk out of our clinic feeling happy, refreshed and satisfied.

Are you a good candidate for a neck lift procedure?

Patients with a good track of medical record and who are not taking blood-thinning medications may undergo a neck lift. If you are a smoker and excessive alcohol drinker, you may be advised to sober down from your habit before getting a neck lift.

A neck lift is ideal for patients who have sagging and excess skin on the neck. If you have a neck contour that is similar to a turkey neck, these treatments may be best for you.

A patient should also have an optimistic view of what will happen and what to expect from the treatments. A patient should also be open to the possibility of combined treatments, especially if he or she has a double chin or a drawing jawline. If your neck skin has enough laxity, a neck lift can be a good option for you.

Patients should also be ready to submit necessary medical records to ensure their safety and for proper diagnosis.

What other treatments can be combined with a neck lift?

During your consultation, your surgeon will create a patient-specific neck lift treatment plan that will provide the neck and facelift that you are dreaming of. In most cases, a neck lift is usually combined with facelift options such as jawline slimming and double chin removal.

Our Melbourne skin clinics aim to provide combined techniques to ensure that we achieve the facial aesthetics that you desire. If there is a need to enhance your jawline, cheeks, chin and other facial structures, we will discuss this thoroughly with you.

To know more about neck lift, please call our surgeons in Melbourne, Australia.


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