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Profhilo Melbourne


Profhilo is an innovative anti-ageing injectable moisturising treatment that works underneath the skin. This treatment is a uniquely formulated and sustained hyaluronic acid injection for treating skin laxity.

In 2015, this cosmetic technique quickly gained its reputation in the United Kingdom. Finally, however, the first documentation of Profhilo was made in Italy. Since then, Profhilo has gained recognition and popularity around the world.

The most common treatment areas include the face and neck and can also be used for the hands, arms, cleavage, knees and belly area. Profhilo is ideal for body areas where it would adequately treat skin laxity. This treatment improves and hydrates the skin and refurbishes ageing and sagging tissue. 

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All you need to know

All you need to know about Profhilo Melbourne

Profhilo is a radically new approach to cosmetic injection treatments known as Nahyco technology. This treatment involves the slow-release and long-lasting action of collagen and elastin stimulation beneath the skin while remodelling the underlying tissue.

This treatment is a stabilised hybrid cooperative complexes developed with hyaluronic acid injectable gel that offers a prolonged stimulating activity on the dermal cells. This highly pure grade and stable hyaluronic acid are produced by biofermentation.

Profhilo skin injections are essentially used to replace and renew the collagen and elastin that aging bodies tend to lose. The lost collagen and elastin can be refurbished by reactive components of hyaluronic acid or HA.

Collagen and elastin are essential protein substances that help keep your tissues and bones intact. Thus, when these protein substances are not present, your body will lose its vitality. Bones can become brittle and prone to fractures, while tissues can become dry, hence, loses firmness and elasticity.

Collagen also plays an important role in keeping the skin supple and soft. Without this, your skin will acquire wrinkles while losing its hydration. However, this can be reversed by the HA components of Profhilo.

When Profhilo is injected into the skin, HA works to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the underlying tissues of the skin. The stimulation process takes place by the slow release of HA. Thus, it results in significant tissue improvement while boosting skin hydration.


HA in Profhilo is less viscous than that of dermal filler’s. Highly concentrated and purified HA is used for Profhilo, while HA in dermal fillers is usually combined with other ingredients. Also, not all dermal fillers have hyaluronic acid.

Indeed, both treatments can help erase signs of ageing but dermal fillers are often used for altering the shape and adding contour to your facial features. Profhilo, on the other hand, offers intense moisturisation and rejuvenation on and under the skin.

Dermal fillers are ideal for patients who aim for volumising or restructuring the face while combatting wrinkles and fine lines. Profhilo is like taking a really hydrating moisturiser but instead of slathering it on top of your skin, it is injected into your skin. Thus, exuding glow from within.

When dermal fillers have been administered, the substance pretty much stays in the treated area. Afterwhich it works by gradually grafting itself to the underlying tissue.

In contrast, Profhilo works by dispersing the substance into the facial tissues. When the appropriate amount of Profhilo is administered, it spreads its moisturising magic across the whole face. The moisturization results in significant tissue improvement, hence, Profhilo is not just a skin booster but also works to significantly tighten and lift loose tissues.

Dermal fillers are feature-specific while Profhilo is not restricted to a particular area. Dermal fillers are compounded on one specific facial feature as it may cause complications when it spreads to nearby areas.

The wonders of Profhilo works across the face. It is carefully mapped with bio-aesthetic points or BAP that are anatomically receptive. These injection points support increasing diffusion across the widest sections of the face through the superficial subcutaneous layer pattern.

Just like any other cosmetic treatments, your Profhilo treatment starts with a consultation. It is imperative that you visit your trusted clinic in Melbourne, Australia to understand more about Profilo and what it can do for your skin.

All Profhilo treatments are performed in the clinic by professional and highly skilled cosmetic doctors. They have undergone intensive training and studies on the facial and body anatomy that helps them understand your facial or body rejuvenating needs.

Your cosmetic doctor will evaluate the laxity of your skin and create a treatment plan that can help you achieve supple, smooth, and soft skin while rejuvenating your complexion. Your doctor will encourage you to provide information about your health and medical condition to ensure the best results.

Before your scheduled Profhilo skin treatment, you will be advised to avoid indulging in alcoholic drinks at least 24 hours before the treatment. You should also avoid taking aspirin or any anti-inflammatory medicines as these may adversely affect your body and the results of the treatment.

Minutes before the treatment, your doctor will apply a numbing cream to reduce pain and discomfort during the procedure.

When the treatment site is ready, your doctor will mark five BAP points where collagen and elastin stimulation is necessary. The injection points are clearly mapped out to ensure that major veins, nerves, and arteries are safe.

About 4ml of Profhilo will be administered on the injection points marked on the face, or your desired parts of your body such as your arms, chest, neck, or your hands. Profhilo is administered just below the skin layer. These are skin areas where hydration is quickly dispersed and spread throughout the skin.

Profhilo is a non-invasive treatment that offers virtually no downtime. You may return to work after the procedure or even drive home unaccompanied. may be expected. However, you may expect minimal swelling and bruising as a natural bodily response to the needles and injections.

You should allow your body this short time to experience this natural reaction. In this light, it is best to avoid the use of any skin product that may adversely affect the results of your treatment.

If you are looking for a skin clinic that offers quality Profhilo treatment, you can book a consultation with your trusted cosmetic doctors in Melbourne. You can contact them through phone or email and visit them in their clinic.

Most doctors providing Profhilo treatments have years of experience in providing quality injectable cosmetic treatments. Thus, patients are guaranteed safety and efficiency. Profhilo treatments provide smooth and complexion while improving the texture and hydration of the skin from within.

This anti-wrinkle procedure uses the best HA-based product that provides amazing effects even in just one session. However, for much better-looking skin, it is highly recommended that you get two sessions with two weeks interval.

Experience the amazing effects of Profhilo. It will take years off your face while imploring youthful and healthy-looking skin.


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Our doctors have formulated a process to ensure their patient’s safety is the first concern and exceed their expectations.

Step - 1

Start your journey with a consultation

Your treatment journey begins with a detailed consultation where the cosmetic doctor performs an in-depth medical examination where you can discuss your concerns and areas you would like to improve. This is a chance for our cosmetic doctors to determine the clients’ wishes and design the perfect treatment plan.
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Select a date for your treatment

On your Treatment Day, you will be greeted by our warm and friendly staff who will make you feel totally at ease. Before treatment, our patients are adhered with a numbing solution or local anaesthetic to ensure the treatment is comfortable and painless. The doctor will make sure you feel safe throughout your entire procedure and love your final results.
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Follow the Guiedlines

After every procedure, our specialised doctors will provide you with specific instructions and guidelines for post-treatment care. Aftercare is crucial to the health and safety of each patient as well as determining the best outcome of your results.
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Treatment Plan

In the initial consultation, our doctor’s discussions are private and confidential with you. Furthermore, their aesthetic plan for treatment is also unique to you and their aesthetic sense. All costs are discussed initially verbally in the initial consultation and then a written estimate will be provided for your treatment plan.
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Love your Look!

We know that you will not only love your look, but you will also love the journey and experience here at SKIN CUB Cosmetic Doctors. We pride ourselves on the utmost professional service and patient experience before, during and after your procedure.
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Review Appointment

Here at SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors review appointments are a vital part of your treatment post-care. SKIN CLUB offers complimentary review appointments at 7 days and 3 months post-treatment. If you require immediate attention an emergency review appointment will also be scheduled free of charge.