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All You Need To Know About Profhilo Neck Injections

Our body begins to slow down in producing the proteins that keep our skin smooth and wrinkly. By thirty we are already starting to show signs of aging. However, you can slow down or reverse these with some proper treatment. Although Profhilo injections are used in many places, people usually get it on the neck.

It’s hyaluronic acid treatment breathes new life into your skin by treating issues such as skin laxity. It also works to restore skin structure by giving that lustrous hydration its been missing. Customers claim that using Profhilo there has had great effects on them, making them look years younger with a single treatment.

How does Profhilo Neck Injections Work?

Melborune Profhilo requires you to attend a medical consultation by a trained doctor to see what you need. After this examination, the doctor will draw up a treatment plan. The plan involves identifying issues with your skin, seeing how much Profhilo they need, the overall costs, and the end results. This plan, like all others, is tailor-made to suit the patient’s needs. Profhilo doesn’t require any surgery unlike neck lifts in Melbourne and is administered via an injection.

You will receive two sets of injections for your  treatment. The injections are spaced four weeks apart and are given to areas on the neck where the skin is affected by skin laxity and are injected just under the skin. Since Profhilo is very watery, it is absorbed by up to a 2cm radius of the injection site. The entire surface area of your neck can be covered with about 10 points.

When doctors are applying it, they normally provide an anesthetic to make it less uncomfortable and to reduce other effects like blood loss. This also means you won’t feel the sting of the needle when you receive it. The quick dispersal also means that it won’t cause issues like lumps or nodules. This also means you won’t have to massage it afterward.

Recovery and Effects of a Profhilo Neck Injection

After the second injection, you will begin to see the effects of the Profhilo soon after. The increased collagen and elastin production will give increase hydration. This gives the skin a smoother and tighter appearance as the lines and wrinkles around your neck disappear. The look is also natural since it does not use any processed products in its ingredients.

To keep up the effects, you need maintenance. How long depends from person to person since the effects last longer on some. However, the average is usually about six months. One thing that is clear is that the effects are not permanent and the collagen and elastin production will begin to slow down again.

Since the treatment is non-invasive, you don’t need any long recovery time after. You can head back to work and other light activities almost immediately after without an issue. However, you should avoid sports which could put a strain on your skin. Things like the sauna or staying out in the sun can also be harmful as this mitigates the new moisture on your skin.

This makes it particularly good for older patients in their 50s and 60s since it can make a huge difference in their appearance while not carrying any major effects.

Side Effects

So far there have been no major side effects from Profhilo neck injections. This might be because the treatment is fairly new so none have been observed yet. Profhilo isn’t likely to cause negative effects since it is made up of organic products. The substances used in Profhilo consist of Hyaluronic Acid which is naturally occurring in the body. In fact, it has one of the highest concentrations of Collogen.

Most side effects that have been reported are less from the treatment itself and more from just the injection. Some of the side effects observed include things like bruising, pain, and rash. All of these are things you expect from an injection. This doesn’t necessarily have to come from Hyaluronic Acid.

On the other hand, there have been rare cases of more serious side effects. These are things like an allergic reaction, infection, or nerve damage. The last one is definitely more serious since the neck tends to have a lot of nerves.