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Tuberous Breasts Before and After

If you are one of the few people aware of Tuberous breasts, then you should know about its treatment. To help those who are suffering from this condition, multiple clinics are offering their assistance. Our doctors will explain their process to you when you meet them for your consultation. However, for many people, it is not how it works but what it does that matters. To those with the issue, these treatments only matter as long as they can provide the results you want. This is why in this article we will take some time to explain what these treatments can do before and after.

Before Tuberous Breast Treatment

What is the Issue

The issue with Tuberous breasts is that there is a startling lack of awareness about the treatment. This means most people don’t even realize they have the condition before meeting with their doctor. So first of we will explain what are things to look out for that show you have this condition.

Tuberous breasts deformity (TBD) is actually a development disorder that happens during puberty. Here your breasts do not develop properly with the rest of your body, leaving them looking odd and misshapen. Scientists still do not know what causes this but believe it is due to genetics.

However, in many cases this causes your breasts to not have the normal round shape of most breasts. Instead, it will look sharper, square, or cone-shaped which makes it difficult to wear some clothes. Along with that, the tissue around your breasts is not fully developed. This means that it can make your nipples and areolas look out of proportion while constricting them. The latter is bad because it can affect your ability to breastfeed. This also causes your nipples to point in different directions instead of straight.

Meeting with the Doctor

Another thing that you will prepare for before the Tuberous breast treatment is meeting with your doctor. In this case, the two of you will discuss your condition and possible treatments. Your doctors will start by examining your breasts and identifying the issue. A doctor with enough experience and knowledge can identify Tuberous breasts Melbourne by sight alone. From there they will take note of the issues and explain the treatment to you. This means explaining the risks, options, and costs of the treatment to see if you are alright with that.

If you are, they will then start to hear your opinion on the matter. The doctors want to know what is bothering you and what you want to achieve. From there they will take note of that and build the treatment on.

With all of that done your doctor will then begin giving instructions on how to prepare for the treatment. This includes a medical exam to see if you are healthy enough for it. Along with that, they will give advice on your prescription medicines to see if you need to make adjustments to them. They will also give instructions on things you are not allowed to take such as alcohol, blood thinners, and cigarette. All of these can affect healing and complicate the process. Lastly, some doctors will do some sizing exercises to see which size is best for you.

After the Tuberous Breast Treatment

Tuberous breast treatment operates on an outpatient basis meaning that you can be sent home right away. This means as long as there are no complications you can go home within the same day. When you level, your doctors will keep your breasts in bandages to help them heal. To prevent fluids from building up in that area, they also have special tubes that allow them to flow out.

Side Effects

During the recovery process, your doctor will ask that you keep an eye out for side effects from the Tuberous breasts. Some of these can depend on what treatment you get while others are universal. For example pain, discomfort, redness, and swelling are all the most common and mildest side effects. This will happen regardless of the treatments but are easy to manage. Usually, you can just wait it out or use medication like painkillers to deal with them.

However, some of the more serious side effects you can encounter include bleeding, infection, and further deformation. These are rare but if you encounter them then you should contact your surgeon right away. These will require immediate treatment to fix.

Meanwhile, some side effects are unique in what Tuberous breast treatment you go with. Since implants are the most common treatment, we should start there. When you insert implants on your breasts, there is a chance that they will rupture through an accident or blunt force. This leaves the silicone gel spilling out that your doctor will have to remove. Another issue is known as capsular contracture and this is when your body does not respond well to the treatment. Instead, it will begin growing fibrous tissue around your implant that can cause plenty of discomforts.

Meanwhile, for fat grafting, there is a chance for something called fat necrosis. This happens when the fat they transfer to your breasts dies and is no longer viable. When this happens doctors have to remove it.


During the first week after Tuberous breast treatment, your doctor will urge you to remain at home and avoid work as much as possible. Instead, you should focus on healing and keep your bandages clean to prevent an infection. They suggest having a friend stay with you to keep an eye on you and assist in doing some tasks.

If after a week and you are recovering well, you can slowly begin to do more work around the house. Pain and discomfort should slowly subside as your body adjusts to the treatment. However, during that time you avoid physical exercise even if you return to work. This is as long as no major complications arise. This can apply for at least three months.