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Types of Thigh Lift Treatment

What is a Thigh Lift Treatment

When it comes to our legs, our thighs make up a big part of our appearance. Because of that, we want it to look fir and slender when we show it off. Unfortunately, our thighs are also one of the most annoying spots to treat. We will often find stubborn pockets of fat that make it seem larger than we like. Because of that, many clinics offer a  Thigh Lift Treatment that aims to help lessen the amount of fat and excess skin on your thighs. There is more than one type of thigh lift treatment though.

Thigh lifts are procedures that treat sagging skin in the lower abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. A thigh lift alters the lower abdomen, which can result in an improvement of the lower abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. However, these are more than just one treatment and they have multiple options available. This ensures you will find the right treatment for you.

Also known as a thighplasty, this treatment works by having one of our doctor’s identity and mark spots on your thigh. From there, they will begin making incisions and remove the excess fat and skin in those areas. When those are gone, they will use sutures to keep the skin from sagging out.

What About Exercise

Before talking about the different types of thigh lift treatment we should address the elephant in the room. Of course, one of the first steps that people use to adjust the look of their thighs is exercise. It is certainly an important step too as most doctors will ask about this before giving any treatment. While exercise is important for keeping your legs and thighs healthy, it does not necessarily make it the shape you want.

Exercise can help reduce the amount of fat in your legs and thighs, but this takes a lot of time and dedication. Even then your options are limited because many exercises do not specifically target that area. What makes it worse is that many exercises end can actually leave your thighs looking bigger. This is because while it does reduce the amount of fat there, it ends up replacing it with muscle. While great for athletes, if you want a slimmer thigh, you’re out of luck.

This is one of the main reasons people turn to cosmetic surgery because of its greater reliability. For one is that you can see results much faster and with far less effort. These results are also guaranteed thanks to the ability to literally just remove fat from your body.

Types of Thigh Lift Treatment

Inner Thigh Lift

One type of thigh treatment is the focus is on the area of your inner thigh. When making an incision, the doctor will focus on the area that will be covered by your underwear. This prevents a scar from being visible when you’re swimming. Once the incision is made, the doctor will start by removing any extra skin in that area before closing it up. This treatment works best on people who are dealing with a lot of excess skin in their thighs. All of that skin can affect your thigh’s elasticity and leave it sagging around.

Vertical Thigh Lift

On the other hand, if this excess skin is all over your thigh, just focusing on that inner thigh area might not be enough. While it can treat the upper part of your thigh, trying to cover up the incision limits the area it can work with. Because of that, the Vertical thigh lift tries to address this by working along the whole thigh. As the name suggests, this incision runs along the length of your thigh. You can still hide it by crossing your legs, but it is just more visible. The treatment works the same way as an inner thigh lift, removing the excess skin and tightening up what is left. 

Posterior Thigh Lift

Unlike other thigh lifts Melbourne, this one works with both your thighs and buttocks. Like with your thighs, you can find a lot of skin that will sag out here as you get older. This treatment allows you to recreate the firmness and smooth feeling of that area. Here there is no clear incision to make as this can all depend on the person’s body shape. However, the treatment works just the same as anywhere else.