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What can Excessive Sweating be a Sign of

Nothing is ever as it seems as there is always more under the surface. This applies to our bodies more than anything else. We forget that our bodies are multitudes of things working together. This means when one thing goes wrong, it can affect other things around our body. This is why we have symptoms, they are signs of other things in our body going wrong. One of those things can be sweating. Although there is a real issue of too much sweat that we know as hyperhidrosis, sweating does not always equate to this. Sometimes, our sweating can be a result of more malignant issues that we have to watch out for. You better watch out and keep track of this especially if you want an excessive sweating treatment Melbourne.

What Does This Mean?

While hyperhidrosis is normally seen as a result of overactive sweat glands, this is not always the case. One common cause of them is chemical changes in your body. Changes in things like estrogen and other proteins can cause your sweat glands to act up. Normally these are simple changes that your body can adapt to and will not pose a serious threat. However, not all chemical changes are as harmless as this. Some of these changes can be the result of diseases and disorders forming in your body. From just being a side effect, sweating can now be a symptom of something larger.

Long story short, it means that there is a chance that you may have some underlying issues that are causing this change. It means you may have to check with your doctor so they can look into the issues and try and treat you. For one it can affect the treatment you get. Doctors will of course focus on ways to try and fix you rather than Melbourne excessive sweating treatment. However, more importantly, it means that you do not have to treat these issues as well before they become life-threatening.

What can Hyperhidrosis be a Sign of


Since diabetes takes place in the endocrine system, the main messenger of our body. Because of that, it can affect different parts of our body. It can lead to certain things going haywire, including your body temperature. As a result, it can cause excessive sweating in your body. With your body temperature feeling higher than it should be, you will end up sweating more. Another thing that increases with diabetes is adrenaline which also causes sweating. This also makes it harder to do things since you will experience more adrenaline from it and sweat more easily.


Another major disease that can cause sweating is cancer. Different types of cancer such as bone or lung cancer can cause this because they cause a huge change in hormones. With these changes, your body tries to adjust to it including your sweat glands which can cause them to overproduce sweat. Another reason can be when cancer results in fever due to your body trying to fight it. This forces your body to sweat to try and maintain your temperature.

However, what is important about this is that even cancer treatments can cause this change. Things like chemotherapy and the radiation that comes with it also affect your sweat glands. This can cause more sweating as a result.


Unsurprisingly, sweating which is due to hormones gets affected when the gland that creates hormones has problems. Although small, the Thyroid gland is responsible for many of our bodily chemicals so having issues here can have serious effects all across our body. When this happens it can affect how your body responds to things such as being more sensitive to temperature or weight gain. For sweating, it can be because your body now has to deal with these more extreme responses and acts accordingly.

Heart Attack

A sign that your heart attack can be in progress or building up. During a heart attack, blood flow is restricted around your heart. When this happens your nervous system will try to scramble and fix the issue. The result of this is that your body can have hot flashes and changes its temperature. This means you will also experience sweating as your body tries to help cool you off and prevent you from getting too hot. It is important to identify this right away as this can be one of your first warning signs of heart problems. This means seeking treatment right away can potentially save your life if you catch this early.

Nervous System Problems

The only reason your body can sweat is because of your nervous system. It is with your nervous system that your body can send messages of what to do and how to react to stimuli. One of the many ones they react to is sweating. This means that if your nervous system is suffering some damages or issues, it can cause sweating. With damages, they can send wrong messages across your body and react in ways unrelated to the issue. This can be a result of your body overreacting to an issue or reacting improperly. Whatever the reason, damages to nerves can have lasting effects and need treatment right away.


For those of you who love a bit of drinking, you will know that alcoholism can be a major cause of sweating. When you consume alcohol it affects different parts of your body. In particular, it affects your hypothalamus, the part of your that controls reactions like thirst, hunger, and sweating. When you inject alcohol into it, this stimulates the hypothalamus which causes more extreme reactions. It will interfere with the part of your brain controlling temperature and make you feel hotter. This is why when you drink you find yourself getting sweatier as well hungrier and thirstier. Overdrinking this of course means making the issue more obvious.