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What Causes Breast Asymmetry

For many people,  breast asymmetry is something they do not want to think about but often deal with. As the name suggests, this is a condition where your breasts do not have matching symmetry. This can be either from their shape or size. However, regardless of what it is, the problem remains the same. Breast asymmetry can be a very troubling thing to look at and the cause of many problems. however while people know what it is and why it is wrong, not everyone knows what causes breast asymmetry. Because of that people are not always sure of what to do or avoid when it happens. This is why in this article we want to explain some of the causes so you know what to look out for.

How Common is Breast Asymmetry

Along with the causes of breast asymmetry Melbourne, another common misconception is just how common it is. Contrary to popular belief breast asymmetry is actually quite common among women. In fact, a sizable percentage of women have this issue, almost half of all women in some studies. The main difference of this issue is the extent. This is because people only think of noticeable cases when they think of this issue. However, for many women, breast asymmetry is actually quite hard to notice because of how small the difference is. In most cases, they do not even realize they have it.

This is important to know because in some cases breast asymmetry can be a sign of cancer. However, this only happens in extreme cases in which there is a huge disparity between breast sizes or sudden changes. Having this knowledge lets you understand and be aware so that you do not panic if you encounter it.

What Causes Breast Asymmetry

There are actually a fair number of causes of breast asymmetry to look out for. It can happen due to different things or even a combination of factors. However, in most cases they are gradual and slow, making them difficult to detect at first. If not then that can be a more troubling issue. Here are some of the most common changes.

Pregnancy as a Cause of Breast Asymmetry

During pregnancy, your body experiences a noticeable hormonal shift as it deals with a fetus developing. Among the many parts of your body, your breasts are one of the most noticeable parts that change. There is an increase in estrogen production in your body to stimulate breast duct cells. There are the cells responsible for breast milk. This is so that they can prepare to breastfeed when the baby arrives. Among its side effects is its ability to increase breast size. However, this size does not always appear equal. There are many cases where it can cause asymmetry with one breast getting more development than the other.


Other hormonal changes in your bodies such as puberty work in a similar way. During puberty, your body begins to produce and release more chemicals as you transition into adulthood. Among those chemical and hormones are those that affect the physical appearance of your body including your breasts. Some of them cause fat to accumulate which causes your breasts to swell in size. As with pregnancy, there is never a guarantee that your breasts get these equally. In fact, in many cases, one breast seems to get more than the other.

Developmental Disorders

While the first two were mostly natural and harmless, there are times when this is not the case. With developmental disorders, this is an issue in your body that causes breast asymmetry during development. While not life-threatening, this one is much harder to hide and can lead to more noticeable issues. An example of this is Tuberous breast deformity which causes your breast to look mishappen. They will appear closer to a square or cone shape.

However, more than just affecting breast asymmetry, this also causes some deformities as well. For example, it makes your nipples look out of proportion as well as having them point in different directions. On top of that, the lack of development in the breast tissues causes it to constrict against your nipples. This can actually affect breastfeeding in some cases on top of hurting your skin when you wear certain clothes. However, in these cases, there is usually a treatment for it.

Trauma as a Cause for Breast Asymmetry

Not every issue has to be a result of chemicals and hormones. In some cases, it can just be because of a physical issue such as trauma. This usually happens when you are younger, before you hit puberty. Some injuries including serious blunt force trauma can seriously damage the tissue underneath. This can have a serious effect on how the breasts develop underneath and prevent them from developing. It does not need to be from a physical injury either, things such as exposure to harmful substances such as an infection or radiation can also affect how well your breasts develop. These can potentially damage your issue underneath.


Probably the most troubling form of breast asymmetry is the risk of cancer. The two are not mutually exclusive in that having breast asymmetry is a sure sign of cancer. As we mentioned most causes for breast asymmetry are natural processes. The difference here though is that cancer can cause a very quick and very noticeable change. In other cases, it is easy enough to miss breast asymmetry, but here it can be a dramatic appearance. This could be a tumor or lump in your chest where the cancer is concentrated. If this is the case then doctors suggest getting treatment right away to try and fix it. Something like this is not easy to ignore and can spread rapidly. To fix it can require surgery in order to remove the lump.