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What Happens After a Thigh Lift Treatment

What Does What Happens After A Thigh Lift Matter?

Although we often think that the thigh lift itself is the most important part, it is not the only part. You will also have to consider what happens after a thigh lift treatment. The recovery plays its role as this can help maximize the gains you have from this treatment and reduce the side effects. It takes just one bad side effect to completely ruin your treatment. This can take weeks or even months in some cases, but keeping a close eye on yourself after can make all the difference.

After the Thigh Lift Treatment

During the thigh lift treatment, you will be given general anesthesia that will keep you unctuous throughout the whole process. This treatment uses an outpatient system which means you can go home once the anesthesia wears off you can go home. This is provided that the doctors do not have any major complications. Your leg will be bandaged up and you are free to go. During that time it’s best if you have someone take you home as your leg can affect your ability to drive.

One thing that often happens during this thigh lift treatment is the buildup of fluids around your thigh. This means that you will need to drain it out. This is why doctors often include a tube that lets the fluids leak out. They will then show you how to do it while keeping your bandages clean. After about a week from the thigh lift Melbourne, doctors may call you back to remove the bandages.

Once you are home, doctors usually recommend a 3-4 week recovery period. Since this does require surgery, the requirements are much stronger here. This means no work, no physical activities, and even housework might be debatable. 

Side Effects

Well, the first thing that happens after a thigh lift treatment is side effects. While this happens, doctors will tell you to keep an eye out for side effects. For the most part, this treatment is safe and the side effects are mild. The most common ones you find are numbness, pain, discomfort, and some swelling. These side effects are easy enough to treat, you can use ice, keeping your leg elevated, and some medication. Doctors can even prescribe some painkillers for you.

In some rare cases, you may encounter more serious side effects that happen after a thigh lift treatment. Things like bleeding, asymmetry, fat necrosis, tissue damage, infection, or an allergic reaction do happen from time to time. This is either because the doctor make a mistake during surgery or the bandages were not applied properly. Regardless of what the cause is, you should contact your doctor right away if you encounter these. Side effects like these are serious and require a doctor to check up on them, sometimes even another operation.

The same is true for chest pains, shortness of breath, or strange beating patterns on your heart. Do not hesitate to let your doctor know about this, though this can mean you will be confined to the hospital.

Long Term Recovery

The worst of the side effects that happen after a thigh lift treatment should disappear after around a month. By then you can start to see the changes in your leg. However, you should not get too excited yet as it could take more time for the results to fully settle. In about 6 weeks you can start returning to some physical activity, albeit slowly.

The full results will slowly show themselves in the following months. For some patients, it can take as long as a year before they get their full results. By the end, your thighs should look a lot slimmer and with a more defined shape. 

One thing that doctors suggest after this treatment is pairing it up with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. This is why they often ask about your health and exercise routine in the consultation. This treatment can reduce existing fat and skin issues, but if you simply regain the weight again it can be for nothing. To make sure your legs stay that way they encourage healthy living.