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When Do You Need a Thigh Lift Treatment

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Thigh Lift Treatment

There is no real limit in terms of age or gender for this treatment. As we mentioned, since this thigh lift treatment is made for people dealing with excess skin and fat, those are the preferred patients. This can come from a variety of reasons such as pregnancy or weight loss or any other change in weight.

However, one thing they need to be sure of is that your weight is stable. This means that your weight will not make any dramatic changes in the near future which can affect the operation. At the same time, the tissue they though find should be around the thigh region, either the inner or outer areas.

They should not have any serious medical issues that can affect the ability to do a thigh lift treatment on them. In that similar regard, these people should be committed to a healthy lifestyle and not just use this treatment as a shortcut. Nonsmokers are also preferred because of the extra risks that come with smoking.

Patients should be excited and have a positive outlook on this treatment, but with realistic expectations of the result.

How Do Doctors Determine Patients

With all these requirements, the question would now become how do these doctors figure all of these out. Well, the easiest way they use is through a medical consultation before giving you a thigh lift treatment. In this session, doctors will review your medical records and request a medical exam to review your health. 

Aside from that, they will also conduct an interview where they explain the treatment to see if this is what you are looking for. This is not just for you though as they also ask questions about your health, expectations, and past experiences with removing this skin. All of this comes together for them to screen you and see if you are an ideal candidate.

Situations That Require a Thigh Lift

Large Shifts in Weight

Sudden changes in your weight are one of the main reasons that lead to excess skin. Unlike gradual weight where your body has time to get used to it, it does not have this option here. When you suddenly lose a lot of weight, your body does not have the chance to adjust. This leaves all the skin which covered your fat now sagging around you. This is why you need a thigh lift to adjust it.

Constant Chaffing and Rashes

Another sign that you may require a thigh lift treatment is if you are constantly chaffing and getting rashes around your inner thighs. This is because this happens when your skin is constantly rubbing together which irritates it. Things like this happen much more often if you have too much skin and it is hanging loose around your body. More than just being uncomfortable, excess skin like this can lead to skin tags and warts which are medical issues. By removing the extra skin, you remove the risks of this happening or at least make it far less likely.

The Trouble with Clothes 

Having large thighs does not just mean they are big, it can also be an issue because it is not proportional to the rest of your body which makes it look off. With large thighs, it can affect which clothes you buy and how well you fit in them. Aside from just being unsightly to see, this has the issue of making it harder to wear them. If your thighs are too big they can leave you squeezed which will make the risks of rashes much higher. If this case you may now want to consider getting a thigh lift Melbourne.


Although age does not necessarily lead to excess skin, it can cause some issues with your thighs. This is why older people prefer a thigh lift treatment. As we get older, our body begins to slow down in producing collagen. This is the protein responsible for maintaining skin strength and elasticity. Without this, our skin loses the tightness it once had leaving it more likely to just sag out. While you do not lose weight or change your body shape, it does leave your skin more vulnerable to the issues we mentioned above.